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Lepakshi Andhra Pradesh Emporium

India is a land of diversity to the world and has inspired people around the ages worldwide showing the variety of natural resource available to nurture for creating something unique and wonderful. Due to the different cultures and heritage that India has, it is easier to understand the wide variety of handloom and handicrafts merchandizes available in the Country.

India is famous worldwide because of its glorious handloom and handicrafts produce. Every state in the country has its very own talent to showcase through handicrafts and handlooms. Truth is every state stands out on its own and adds up to the glory and sky high reputation of India. One of the very prominent names that stand out loud and clear is the Lepakshi Andhra Pradesh Emporium which showcases the multiplicity of ability that the locals can produce. Andhra Pradesh is a treasure of valuable and delightful things. The state has a fascinating collection of different forms of art and traditional craftsmanship which is unique from one another.

Throughout centuries these arts and crafts have displayed distinctive flexibility and stability without exception. The handloom and handicrafts industry has accepted the change that every era has to bring. However the quality of work has been the same by maintaining the inspiring and charming brilliance. There are different varieties of handloom and handicrafts products which are created by expert craftsmen every day. Lepakshi Andhra Pradesh Emporium which was established in the year 1977 is a very integral part which is responsible for showcasing the arts and crafts yield which are produced in Andhra Pradesh. Lepakshi Andhra Pradesh Emporium is located in the capital city. This Emporium is a wonder Emporium as it offers all possible household items for daily use as well as gift items and utility furniture.  The Lepakshi Andhra Pradesh Emporium is a tourist attraction spot and the reason is very obvious as everybody wants to take a piece of rich cultural India with them.

India is at a focal point for its hugely known Handloom and Handicrafts industry that has earned the Country an accolade of fame and aptitude.


Lepakshi is the name of a village in Andhra Pradesh. The state is famous for the produce of its textiles. The six yard of elegance such as Gadwal, Mangalgiri, Ikkat are very popular in this region. Ikkat is also known as Pochampalli. Gadwal sarees are given birth in the village of Gadwal which is also in Andhra Pradesh. The state is very famous for its creation of Kalamkari which is a kind of block printing. In order to showcase the variety of handloom and handicraft creation Lepakshi Andhra Pradesh Emporium was established in the capital city in 1977 for catching the tourists’ attention. Since establishment the emporium has never disappointed anyone. With an array of collection of textiles, toys, furniture it has made an identity of its own in India.


For visitation purpose one needs to know that the exact location detail of the Lepakshi Andhra Pradesh Emporium is B-6, State Emporia Complex, Connaught Place, Delhi - 110001, Baba Kharak Singh Marg.


Handicrafts and Handlooms of Andhra Pradesh

Products and Services

  • Cherial scroll paintings - It is a form of colourful painting of a narrative mythological story on a roll of cloth.
  • Brass art ware of A.P – There are different decorative items created out of brass in the village of Pembarthi located in the Warrangal district of Andhra Pradesh. The sheet metal workers or craftsman have attracted everyone’s attention with their marvellous creation.
  • Wood carvings - Blessed with the richness of the forest the state is a very rich resource of wood carvings of different types such as idol carved in wood or mythological characters carved in wood.        
  • Rose wood furniture - It is also another significant art from the state. Different kinds of furniture is available in rosewood category.
  • Bobbili Veena – Veena is a musical instrument which is created in few villages in the Vijayanagaram and Krishna district. The veenas are intricately designed and carved. There are small decorative veenas available as souvenirs.
  • Banjara Embroidery - This form of art originated from a very vibrant tribe known as the Banjara or Gypsies. It is basically known for the heavy mirror work balanced colour usage with embroidery that consists of shells and beads. The vibrancy and lustre of the Banjara art has been known to attract foreigners throughout the ages.
  • Rose wood - Statues or showpieces made out of brownish rosewood timber is another eye-catching art from the state.
  • Bidri  - It is a craft that portrays the life of the Sufis. The bidri includes decorated sword handles, daggers etc.
  • Rosewood Panels - These are basically intricately designed panels out of rosewood timber.
  • Kondapalli toys - These toys have created a name of their own in the world of crafts. This is also a kind of carved wood craft through which artists create toys of different types.
  • Kalamkari paintings – It literally means painting a cotton cloth with a pen. Kalamkari is famous everywhere in India. The colours used for the Kalamkari is derived from vegetables.
  • Stone carvings - This is another variation of carving on stones and creating wonderful masterpieces.          
  • Nirmal furniture – It is a subtle combination of wood crafting with painting and these are very pretty to look at.         
  • Cotton and jute durries – It is basically painting by tying and then staining a particular portion of the cloth to give it a proper design.          
  • Nirmal toys – The toys are carved out of a special kind of wood known as puniki and is then hand painted.
  • Leather lamp shades – Creating lamp shades from leather by carving and painting.
  • Nirmal paintings - Beautiful myriad colours are extracted from minerals, gums, herbs to create a masterpiece. Nirmal paintings are known for portraits.
  • Kalamkari block prints - It is of immense historic value and is basically hand painted blocks on cloth with dyes.       
  • Silver filigree – It is a pattern in which the silver threads are intertwined to form a beautiful and unique design.

The Peek Inside

The inside of the emporium is much organised and is definitely colourful with all these artefacts. Every corner has an interesting story to tell. No one can simply visit and just ignore to buy as it seriously has a lot to offer to everyone from Incredible India.

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