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Indian Handicrafts Emporium

Indian art has been recognised all over the world for a long time. Every tourist who has visited the land has remembered it for its rich culture and art.

The Indian Handicrafts (IHE) Emporium for 49 years has reached out to the world with authentic Indian handicraft products.  The Indian Handicrafts Emporium specialises in handicraft carvings on Sandalwood (the natural fragrance wood), Rose and Ebony wood, Brass Art, Inlaid Marble Art and Hand-Knotted- Carpets. The Emporium also showcases a beautiful and authentic collection of paintings and Jewellery with Precious and Semi-Precious stones.

The IHE has put out the Indian art to the people of free India. The artists who made these artefacts found a good demand for their art and they could earn a living better than what they did before. A number of dying arts had come to life because of such emporiums and a lot of unknown Indian art forms have been discovered like the Madhubani paintings.


In the year 1966 the Indian Handicrafts Emporium was established. His Excellency Dr. Zakir Hussain, the then president of India had inaugurated it with his own hands. Since then, the Emporium had been one of the top windows of Indian handicrafts. Time and again many honorary people including head of states, royal families and foreign dignitaries. People like, Mrs. Indira Gandhi the then Prime Minister of India, His Royal Highness King of Spain with his Queen, Her Imperial Majesty Fara Diba Queen of Iran, President and Madame Tito of Yugoslavia, Mrs. Raisa Gorbachev of U.S.S.R and His Royal Highness Rangiran Isteki Hajah Mariam Queen of Brunei have all visited the emporium.

Thus the IHE has been the pride of India in showcasing its art. It is because of the IHE and other similar emporiums that the exhibition of our national art happens to such dignitaries and the national pride is boosted.


  • To produce and sell the best quality Indian handicrafts and develop a market for the same in India and abroad.
  • To continuously try to enhance the quality of Indian handicrafts and to upgrade and produce new designs.
  • To expand the market of the organization.
  • To achieve profit out of the business.
  • To reduce expenditure to a minimum and yet produce best quality, authentic products.


Situated in the heart of the nation, its capital city, Delhi the Emporium has always has customers from all over the nation. Tourists who travel to India do mostly visit its capital and mostly they enter the emporium. The postal address of the Indian Handicrafts Emporium is 5, MAIN MEHRAULI ROAD, New Delhi, India 110030.

For tourists, both Indian and foreign the Indian Handicrafts Emporium is located at a very suitable spot of the city. The Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi is only 9 kilometres away from the emporium. The Nizamuddin railway station junction is the nearest station and is also about 9 kilometres distant from the emporium.

 If one is visiting the Indian Handicrafts Emporium then she/he may also visit the Blue Frog Discotheque, The Az Bar and The Crescent Mall which are located in the same locality.

Various Articles

The emporium has a large collection of the most original Indian Handicrafts. The various articles range from beautiful and royal Hand-Knotted carpets to Sandalwood carvings. Carvings made on Rose and Ebony wood, Brass Artefacts and a wide range of Inlaid marble art. Here you will find a great range of handicrafts, from all parts of the country, including pottery, paintings, jewellery, paintings, Souvenirs like Chess Sets, Tribal arts and sculpture.

The Emporium also showcases a beautiful and authentic collection of paintings and Jewellery with Precious and Semi-Precious stones.

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