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Fast Facts

Location: Palakkad, Kerala
Nearest Airport/Railway Station: Coimbatore Airport/Palakkad Railway Station
Best Time to Visit: September to May

Attappady, also known as Attappadi is a beautiful area filled with forests towards the north-eastern part of the scenic Palakkad district of Kerala. These forests are encircled by the sprawling green farmlands and mist-covered peaks on all sides. The months between September and May, which fall just after the monsoon season, are the best time to visit Attappady. These forests are grown over an area of, with the background of the beautiful Western Ghats.


The unexplored beauty of the Attappady forests is further aggravated by the crystal-clear waters of the Bhavani River that flows through the area. Since this forest area is quite huge, it is largest abode of tribal people in the entire state of Kerala. These tribal settlements are connected well with the residential areas of the towns located in the vicinity of the forests. The topography is mainly dominated by hilly areas. The waters from the Cauvery River are used for irrigating these areas.

Flora and Fauna

The tribes of Irolas, Mudugars and other tribal people who had migrated from Tamil Nadu long ago are the main inhabitants of the Attappady forests. Surrounded all around by the serene peaks and lush greenery everywhere, Attappady is one of the main tourist attractions of Kerala. It is considered to be haven for anthropologists. The birds found here are purely migratory in nature and they have flown in from far-off areas to live among the tribes here. Tourists are also mesmerised by the exotic varieties of vegetation and flora found here.


One of the must-see places in Attappady is the Malleshwaram peak. The local tribes of this area worship this place as a huge Shiva Linga. Needless to say, the festival of Shivaratri is celebrated here with great joy and festive spirit by the tribes. The entire peak is decorated with innumerable lights during this festival.

How to Reach Attappady

The road network between Palakkad town and Attappady is quite good and frequent. Palakkad railway station is the nearest station to this scenic place. From this station, there are lots of modes of transport to choose from to reach Attappady. The internal transport network run by the state government is very effective, due to which, Attappady is connected well with all the towns in Kerala.


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