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Uthralikkavu Pooram

Uthralikkavu Pooram is a popular festival organized at the temple of ShriRudhiramahakalikav located at Wadackanchery in the Thalappillytaluk situated in the district of Thrissur in the South Indian state of Kerala. This temple is well known for the Pooram festival organized here during months of February-March annually.

History of the Temple

As per the history of Uthralikavu, it is believed that Enkakad got its derivation from the word Thinkalkadu which means the hair of Siva i.e. thirujada where the moon resides. Lord Siva from a hill had begged rice and hill was known as Uriyarikunnu and having that that rice, he made his dinner at a close by place. The place was known as Vechanad in the language Malayalam, which further had become Machad. This place pleased Lord Siva so much that he offered seats here for the two goddesses called as Bhagavathies, one found in the northeastern part, Akamala to Rudrakali whereas the other in southern part i.e., close to Vazhani to Thiruvaani. Therefore, Thiruvanikkavu Vela or Pooram sometimes called as Kuthiravela or MachadMamankam taking place one week before Uthralikavu Vela or Pooram.


The festival of Uthralikkavu is organized during the times of early summer annually. There is a flag hoisting ceremony during this festival which is held on the second Tuesday of the month of Kumbha as per the era of Malayalam Kollam.

Pooram is referred to as a ritual festival of Hindus belonging to Kerala in which, usually the elephants which are caparisoned are led in an organized as well as controlled procession. There is a participation of 3 teams at UthralikkavuPooram, each belonging to temples of villages of the vicinity such as Enkakkad, Wadakanchery and Kumaranellur.Every team has almost 7-11 elephants normallyall being decorated with beautiful traditional masks of trunk, fans and shields. Among these elephants, the one seen in the middle would have a larger plaque found on its top representing the deity. In Kerala state, there are several festivals being celebrated in the same manner.Few of them beingThrissurPooram, ArattupuzhaPooram, NenmaraVallangi Vela and ChinakathurPooram etc.

Besides the procession of elephants, organised at Uthralikkavu, one would also find Kuthira Vela which means a procession of Wooden Horse along with a number of these kinds of events dedicated by several communities. One of the major constituent of pooram is percussion orchestra set, called as Panchavadyam. Basically, panchavadyam, 'naTappura', is an interesting session in the percussion performance presented by the main Panchavadyam artists belonging to central parts of Kerala.

Tourist Essential

The location of temple is such that the tourists would have to cover 2 kilometers in the northern direction from Wadackanchery on the state highway of Kodungallore-Shoranur. It is beside the railway line of Thrissur - Shoranur, on the way, the tourists can enjoy paddy fields in the middle and also a view of a chain of hills as well as highlands in its surroundings. It would be interesting for the tourists that the temple compound is found to create a stage similar to an arena where Pooram and activities related to it takes place. To make one enjoy the festival there are other interesting things such as elephant procession, percussion orchestra, fireworks etc. Although, the temple is smaller in size as far as its counterparts are concerned in the state of Kerala and is also situated in an isolated area, that too rural part, this place gains a lot of popularity during the season of festival.

Getting There

The closest Railway Station: just 20 km distant is Thrissur.
Closest airport: Cochin International Airport 58 km away from Thrissur.

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