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Thrissur Pooram

ThrissurPooram is one of the well known festivals celebrated in the temples of Kerala, the South Indian state. Every year, it is organized at temple of ThrissurVadakkunnathan on 'Pooram' according to the Malayalam calendar in the Medam month. The day of 'Pooram' is the day of rising of moon with Pooram star.


In the year 1798, Thrissurpooram got orchestrated by SakthanThampuran, the king of Cochin. SakthanThampuran had been famous for his administration of decisions, he took a decision and created venue for temples located in his region for celebrating pooram festival.

The 10 temples located near Vadakkunnathan were unified by SakthanThampuran. He conducted the celebrations in ThrissurPooram on a large scale as it is a mass festival. He distinguished these temples in 2 groups, Eastern group and Western group. The western group comprised of Kanimangalam, Ayyanthole, Laloor, Nethilakkavu as well as the major one, Thiruvambady temple. The Eastern group known as Paramekkavu, comprised of Paramekkavu temple, besides, Choorakottukavu, Karamukku, Panamukkampilly and Chembukavu. It was near Vadakkunnathan temple, that pooram was supposed to be centered with poorams sent by all the temples for paying obeisance to Lord Shiva, who is regarded as presiding deity.


People of South India consider the festival of ThrissurPooram as 'the pooram of all poorams'. It has been declared by UNESCO that ThrissurPooram is one of the “the most spectacular festival events on the planet”.
Tourist Essential

For a number of tourists, visiting this place, the distance needed to cover is 12 km in the southern direction from the Arattupuzha city, to get a view of conduction of the biggest festival of the temple. It takes place inThrissurtaluk in summers and tourists can enjoy the celebration of this festival for one day before ThrissurPooram advent.

Tourists would find it quite interesting as the festival is conducted in thetemples with zeal and enthusiasm but in a competitive way. MadhathilVaravu conducted by temple of Thiruvambady, Kudamattam and IIanjitharamelam conducted by temple of Paramekkavu are the major pooram events for the interest of tourists. Vedikkettu, referred to as fireworks in the local language is seen in both the temples. Most fascinating part for the tourists can be the spectacular fireworks which are visible during the festival.

The temples located in the vicinity of Thrissur had always participated on a regular basis for religious exercise taking place there. However, after sometimes, their participation was denied as per the order of head of PeruvanamGramam. The basic reason known for this denial was the time taken by the temples which delayed the process from Kuttanellur and Thrissur. Therefore, ThrissurNaduvazhi, Vadakkunnathan’s main poojari called as KuttanellurNaduvazhi and Yogadiripad began conducting pooram in Thrissur.

Getting There

The closestrailway station : Thrissur is just 1 km distant.

Closest airport : 58 km distant from Thrissur is Cochin International Airport.

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