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Virupaksha Temple

Situated in the town of Hampi in Karnataka state in south part of country is the famous Virupaksha temple. This temple has been listed in the Group of Monuments in Hampi that are part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Virupaksha is the form of Lord Shiva and hence, the temple is devoted to Lord Shiva like many other temples in Hampi.
Town of Hampi is located on banks of River Tungabhadra and the temple of Virupaksha is also referred as one of the sacred pilgrim visited over large period of time.

The major festival celebrated in the temple premises is in the month of December when the marriage ceremonies of Virupaksha and Pampa are performed. The other major event of the temple is celebrated in February that is celebrated as the annual chariot festival.


The history of the temple goes back to 7th century. Initially, this shrine was very small in size that was developed under the rule of Vijayanagar. As per the evidences the expansions made to the temple were during the late periods of Chalukyan and Hoysala. During the reign of Vijayanagara in 14th century, most of the decorative structure of the temple was destroyed.

Structure and Architecture

In the current times, the temple comprises of shrine, three raised halls, a hall that stands on pillars and an open hall that stands on pillar. An abbey standing on pillars, yards, small altars and few of the other edifices.

The east gate is nine tiered that are as huge as 50 meters that gives a look of ancient structures. The major composition of the gate is made using bricks while the base on which the gate stands is made of stone. This gate serves as an entrance to outer courts that have numerous sun-altars.

There is also a small gate towards eastern end that goes to inner part of the court with number of tiny altars.

A small canal of River Tungabhadra flows in the premises of temple firstly through terrace and then enters the kitchen in the temple and finally moves out via the outer court.
One of the major benefactors of the temple was the king of Vijayanagara named Krishnadevaraya. The central pillar of the temple is richly ornate structure.

How to Reach

By Train

At distance of 13 km from Hampi, Hospet railway station is located.

By Bus

The temple is located at a distance of 350 KM from the city of Bangalore

By Air

Bellary is the closest airport to Hampi at distance of 60 KM.

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