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Kotilinga Temple Kolar

Kotilinga is called Kotilingeshwara and is located in the Kolar district of Karnataka state.  The temple is based in the Kammasandra village and is known for the Shiva temple. This Shivalinga is the world’s biggest shivalinga in the world. The place is very peaceful and the temple surrounding is very serene and has a plush green that gives a calm and peaceful feeling to the devotees. The temple is based on the 15 acres of land which houses more than 86 lakhs shivalings and so the name of the temple is based on the number of shivalingas it has. These shivalings are of various sizes and shapes and it attracts lakhs of devotees every year. These lingas have been established since the year 1974 but the main attraction of the temple is the 108 feet which is the largest of all. There is a huge Nandi in front of the main linga which is 35 feet tall and is installed on a platform. Especially, on the occasion of Mahashivaratri, there are approximately 2 lakhs devotees who visit the temple.

The temple was constructed keeping in mind that the devotees can have a look of Lord Shiva from anywhere. The temple also has statues of all three trimurties together and this is the only place where we can see them together, Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. The statue of these 3 together is nowhere found in the world except the Kotilingeshwar temple. The devotees believe that if they want their wishes to be fulfilled, they should tie a yellow thread to a tree and wish what they want. The temple also has statues of Lord Ganesha And Lord Venkateshwara. The temple premised has accommodation facilities and provides free food to all tourists and devotees. The temple has made an arrangement for the devotees if they wish to install the linga on the premises. The cost of the lings is varied on the size and shape of the linga and pooja is performed every day for the devotee. The devotee’s name is carved on the linga. Poojas is performed every day from morning 6.00 and evening 6.00 by the temple priests. During the pooja, drums and music is used when the mantras are recited.


It is believed that when the epic battle if Ramayana was over, there were lakhs of people who dies in the battle. When Rama attained victory, he travelled to Rameswaram and in Dhanushkodi, he installed a Shivalinga and prayed there. These prayers were performed for the people who laid their lives during the battle and to provide moksha to them. It is believed that Kotilingeshwara temple was built keeping in mind the same culture of peace, divinity and prosperity and pray against the evil influence on human.


The temple was built by the Swami Sambha Shivamurthy and provides a serene and calm experience by its surroundings. The temple is spread in the 15 acres of land and lingas can be seen everywhere you can see. People pray to fulfill their wishes in the temple, meditate, stay and perform pooja. The founder of the temple Swami Sambha Shivamurthy started to perform free marriages in the temple. The temple charges a nominal fee of 200 rupees for each marriage, which includes all the arrangements.

Best Time to Visit

It is advised that not to visit the temple in the summer. The best time to visit the temple is anywhere between July to January.

Entrance Fees

The temple does not charge any devotees to take Darshan. If you wish to perform pooja, the devotees have to pay the priest. The accommodation in the premises charges a nominal charge and the food is free for all devotees. If the devotee wants to install the lings then he needs to pay the charges to the temple authority.

How to Reach

By Train

Bangarapet is the nearest train station, which is approximately 12 kms.

By Bus

Kolar is well connected with the KSRTC buses which run from the Kotilingeshwara Temple in Bangalore. All other major cities are also well connected and KSRTC and private buses connects them

By Air

The nearest airport is Bangalore, which is 108 km away. One can hire a private car or a take a KSRTC bus, which can take you to Kolar by the nearest route.

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