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Shri Krishna Temple Udupi

Shri Krishna Udupi temple is a very popular temple situated in the town of Udupi in Karnataka, and is dedicated to lord Krishna. The temple or the matha area looks like a living ashram. Many people come and live here and offer their devotion at this holy place. In and around this place, there are various other temples, including the one that is constructed of stone and basic wood and is considered to be the oldest, nearly 1500 years old.


The foundation stone of this temple was laid down in 13th century by Saint Shri Madhwacharya. He also laid the foundation of Dvaita School of Vedanta. According to stories that circulate here, the idol of Sri Krishna was founded by Sri Madhwacharya in a big bowl of gopichandan. Sri Madhwacharya describes about this incident in his book Tantrasara Sangraha that the idol is placed Paschimabhumika. All the idols in rest of the eight temples are also facing in the western direction.

Once, there was a big devotee and pious worshiper of Lord Krishna named Kanakadasa. He used to stay in front of the Krishna temple in a makeshift hermitage. One night, there was a big earthquake and there was a crack in the outer wall of the temple. The crack provided enough space for Kanakadasa to view the idol of Krishna. From then on, Lord Krishna is worshiped through the same crack which is now formed into a window.

The administration of the Krishna temple and daily offerings are managed by the eight temples. Management activities are performed by each of the eight temples in a cyclical order for two years. All these are known as Krishna Matha collectively. Throughout the world, these Krishna temples are famous for their religious traditions, customs and learning in Tatvavaada and Davita philosophy. It is also a place where a form of Udipi literature originated, known as Daasa Sahitya.


After every two years, the Paryaya festival is organized, during which the management of the temple is taken over by the next person. A Swamiji is the head of each of the eight temples, during his tenure he is responsible for all the activities in the temple. This festival takes place only on even years such as 2008, 2010 and 2012. Festivals such as Ratha Sapthami, Hanuman Jayanti, Navratri Mahotsav, Sri Krishna Janmashtami and others are celebrated in a grand way every year.

Krishna Temple in Udupi is an important place for Hindu worshipers and its popularity is at par with Guruvayoor temple of Kerala. Idol of Krishna is beautifully decked here, with a rope in one hand and a churner in the other. The main door of the temple always remain closed and devotees only worship through a small window, which is believed to have been formed by the grace of Lord Krishna to give darshan to his strong follower Kanakadasa. He was not allowed to worship Lord Krishna during that time.

How to Reach

The temple is located right in the middle of the town. Mangalore is nearly 60 Km. from the town of Udupi and the place is readily connected through rail, road and air. Udupi has its own railway station and most of the trains have a stoppage here. For people coming from far off places can find accommodation easily.

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