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Renuka Yallamma Temple

Also known as the Renuka Devi Temple, the Saundatti Renuka Yellamma Temple is located on top of an isolated hill which is located around 78 kilometers from Belgaum, in the state of Karnataka. It gives a picturesque view from the temple and this temple is dedicated to the Goddess Renuka Devi. The worshippers of the known Goddess Yellamma visit this temple on regular basis and people who come here are mainly from the state of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.

A very famous fair, known as the Shri Yellamma Devi Fair is celebrated at this beautiful temple for about five times between the months of October and February. Many pilgrims make sure to visit this auspicious temple during this period. Also, the Yellamma Jatra takes places here on a full moon day. This is also famous by the name of ‘Bharat Hunnime’. To attend this, disciples from near and far come over and enjoy the serene atmosphere here. The Goddess Yellamma is worshipped in a grand way by following all the attendant rituals, which is quite similar to the ‘Shakti Puja’.

The temple is located in the town Saundatti, which is of the oldest towns in the district of Belgaum. There are many temples in Saundatti, but Renuka Yellamma Temple is one of the famous ones.


Renuka, also known as Yellamma Devi, was the mother of Parashurama and the wife of Jamadhagni and her story is also described in the Puranas. In the Saundatti Renuka Yellamma Temple, her idol is placed and is referred to as Yellamma Devi or Renuka Devi. She is also known as Goddess Kali. She punishes those who commit evil deeds and is like a mother to all her devotees. There is also a Jain inscription in the temple which is in the Kannada and Sanskrit which refers to the Rashtrakuta kings names Vikramadithya and Krishna.


This wonderful temple was constructed in the year 1514 by the Bommappa Nayak. The spectacular architecture represents the Chalukyan and Rashtrakuta construction styles. In the vast temple courtyard, there are many smaller temples for Ganesha, Siddheshwara, Eknaath, Mallikarjuna and Parashurama. The management is currently handled by the government. The architecture of this temple is a representation of the rich culture of the ancient Indian kings.

The prehistoric Saundatti Renuka Yellamma Temple is located in the Saundatti Taluk which is around five kilometers from the town of Saundatti. The temple is located on ahill which makes it a famous spot for the pilgrimages. Yellamma Jatra which takes place at this temple was practices of making women follow the Devadasi system. In this, all the ladies were to devote their lives towards dancing and singing for the temple god. Then, these ladies were to lead the life of concubines for the local rich people. With the passage of time they were forced to get into prostitution. But now, this Jatra is a celebration of the power of the Goddesses. During this, an idol of the Devi Yellamma is taken out in a procession.

Best Time to Visit

Many people from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra visit this temple during the winter months. The main attraction during this period is the Shri Yellamma Devi Fair, which is a celebration dedicated to the Goddess. Also, the temperature during the months starting from October till February is very pleasant. A lot of devotees come to this temple to worship Devi Yellamma. But, during the other months also, one can visit this temple but most of the crowd is seen during winters due to the fairs during those months.

Entrance Fee

Although, there is no entry fee but people who visit here have to pay the parking fees (approximately around Rs. 20). For a special entrance, the free is around Rs. 50.

How to Reach

By Train

The nearest railhead to visit the temple is Dharwar Railway Station. Hubli is one main railway station which is well connected to Saundatti.

By Bus

The temple can be easily reached as Saundatti is well connected via road. If one travels from Belgaum to Saundatti by road, the distance is around 95 km. Hubli to Saundatti by road is 54 km, so one can take this route as well. Bus service is available from all the major cities of Karnataka to this place. From the capital city, Saundatti is around 500 km. Thus, Saundatti Renuka Yellamma Temple is approachable from all the places and is well-connected via road.

By Air

The nearest domestic airport is at Belgaum and also the Hubli airport is accessible. One can choose which ever is convenient.

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