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Shri Durga Parmeshwari Temple

Shri Durga Parmeshwari temple also known as Kateel Durga Parmeshwari temple is located in Kateel. This temple city is situated at a distance of 29 kms from the Mangalore town in Dakshina Kannada region. This holy area is bordered by panoramic landscape.


When Arunasura, the Asura (Demon) was committing mayhem on the populace of Earth and petrifying the Devas (Gods) with the assertion of boons he got, sagacious Jabali implored to Goddess Durga to clear the Earth of the Asuras. She granted this appeal of him and emerged in front of Arunasura as an attractive woman. On his coming near, she told him that she was a Goddess and that she has come in order to put a conclusion to all his oppressions on people. Infuriated, Arunasura tried to hit her with a sword. But the goddess turned into a stone and his sword cut diagonally the statue and a cloud of bees surfaced from it and bit him to death.

In the meantime, the planet was made miserable by a ruthless drought. The sage Jabali asked the help of the heavenly cow Kamadhenu to mitigate the populace from this deadly drought. When she went to Varunaloka, he asked his daughter Nandini to go with the Goddess to Earth. But Nandini continually turned down the prospect and the sage gave her a curse that she will become a river. This same river now gushes around Kateel. Kateel is made up of two words ‘Kati’ meaning canter and ‘Ila’ meaning area. Kateel therefore is the central area that comforted mankind from the peril of the demon and the danger of a harsh drought. Kati Ila afterwards became Kateel through widespread usage.

Festivals and Events

The Annual Festival: This festival commences on the preceding night of Mesha Sankramana by beautifying the entrance of the temple, which follows a wide range of performances based on different themes. This festival is celebrated in April for 8 days with pomp and show.

Laksha Deepothsava: This festival is celebrated on Kartik Bahula Panchami.

Sharannavarathri: Commencing on the Ashwija Shuddha Pratipada date, this celebration lasts for nine days. Special offerings are made on this date. Lalitha Panchami, Vijaya Dashami and Maha Navami are some of the important festivals during this time.

How to Reach

By Air

16 kms from Mangalore, the airport connects the region with other chief cities and countries. All major airways fly here. A new Mangalore Port Trust here helps people here to transport the goods to and from Mangalore.

By Train

The Konkan Railways, Bangalore-Hassan-Mangalore Railways and Kerala-Mangalore Railways are the chief railway services till here. The Railway station at Mangalore is about 26 Kms away from the main Mangalore city.

By Road

The region is well linked to other areas by road. It has a developed transportation system having both private and government bus. All the districts can be arrived at by bus.

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