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Shri Mahaganapathi Temple

Mahaganapathi Temple also called Southadka is one of the most famous tourist attractions located in the town of Mangalore in Karnataka. This temple is a very well-known in the southern districts of India. This temple is also an amazing, religious canter of the renowned history of the marathon that has been going on for over 800 years. Because it is located in the centre of the city, reaching here is extremely simple. It is on a walking distance from Hampankatta and can also be reached by rickshaws.

It is 3 km away from Kokkada of South Kannda region. The exceptionality of this place is that God Ganapathi was out in the field with no ‘Garbha gudi’ and a temple structure. This place is bounded by mesmerizing greeneries and the temple opens around the clock for prayers to be offered.

The temple is highlighted with a lot of bells, which are presented by worshippers who have any wishes to be fulfilled. A lot of monkeys can be found inside the temple. The Mahapuja is carried out every year in January. The temple also offers food to the devotees in the form of prasad.


It is a temple of Ganapati, the head of the Ganas, meaning, the chief of the many groups, races, escorts, tribes, armies and thus Lord Shiva’s this son is depicted as the eventual head. He is also called Vigneswara, meaning, Lord of all the hurdles. These names given to him evidently show that he is the head of all state of affairs.
Ganapati is shown as a yellow skinned, elephant head with one trunk, petite with a big belly, four arm, bright shining eyes and large ears.

As per sthala purana, a Ganesha temple sacred to a royal house was once shattered by foes. In order to save the beautiful idol of Ganesha from being destroyed, the cow herders carried it with them and put it in a place where cucumber was grown up in plenty. Since in Kannada cucumber is called adka and adka suggests a meadow, this place soon gained popularity as Southadka.


On the much awaited events like Ganesh Chaturthi, an annual festival or Rathothsava starting on Deepothsava and Chandramana Yugadi or any of the chief festival and on Shankasti Chaturthi, many devotees come here to have the sacred viewof Lord Mahaganapathi. This temple sees a range of cultural performances like Yakshagana and the dance programmes. It also organizes humanitarian and other such activities.

How to Reach

Southadka is 20 km further to Dharmasthala, 45 km away from Subrahmanya and 2 km from Kokkada, 82 km from Mangalore and 6 km from Patram. Southadka can be reached through road between Dharmasthala and Nelyadi from Bangalore. About 13 km prior to Dharmasthala is one big arch on the left region of the road that goes to Southadka in a drive of about seven kms.

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