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Iskon Temple Bangalore

The city of Bangalore provides an excellent place for spiritually inclined tourists and visitors. The ISKON temple in Bangalore is visited by a multitude of people every day. The word ISKON is an acronym for the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, which is a religious organization. This society or the activities of its members are also known as the Hare Krishna movement. The society was formed some fifty years back by Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, who pioneered the spread of Vedik knowledge to rest of the world.


It is pertinent to know the roots and history of ISKON to fully appreciate the temple in terms of architecture and ambience. The followers of ISKON are believers in Bhakti Yoga, wherein the individuals surrender themselves to the Supreme God, Lord Krishna. Thoughts and actions of the devotees are always central to this supreme power. The followers of this belief were found in India since last 500 odd years. A saint named Chaitanya Mahaprabhu rekindled the spirit and propagated in the society. However, this spiritual path and its followers remained an Indian phenomenon. This movement caught the imagination of the whole world after getting many Americans and British disciples in the last century. Thereafter, the movement spread very fast in the western world.


The ISKON temple in Bangalore is situated on seven acre hillock. The hillock is also known as Hare Krishna Hill. The architecture of the temple is neo-classical. The structure is a fine blend of modern and traditional architectural concepts. Extensive use of glass within the temple premises adds beauty to the whole expanse. The huge area encompasses the main temple of the presiding deity, Lord Radhakrishna, as also cultural complex with four other temples of related divine entities, namely Krishna Balaram, Nitai Gauranga, Shriniwasa Govinda and Prahlada Narsimha. The main hall contains four pictorial depictions of Lord Krishna’s life. Canopies made of glazed glass are also attracting great admiration from visitors.

The temple complex also has a traditional magnificent pillar. There is a separate enclosure called “Hari-nam-Mantapa”, meaning place of chanting for devotees. The congregation of hundreds of devotees chanting in unison is a feast for the eyes and ears of visitors. Visitors and devotees make the whole ambience gets spiritual. The temple complex also has a theatre and a lecture hall. Presentations are shown explaining ISKON philosophy and Vedic culture. Beautifully landscaped garden adds value to blissful experience. A pond named as Kalyani enhances the charm.

The temple starts activities early in the morning at 4 a.m. by Aarti, meaning devotional recitation in praise of the deity. Musical compositions are also part of these activities. Various Pujas and religious discourses are conducted throughout the day. Discourses on Bhagvat-Geeta are of paramount importance in the temple. Devotees participate in large numbers in all actions. The temple attracts hundreds of visitors. On selected days or weekends, the figure rises to a few thousands. However, the presence of a large number of people does not violate the sanctity of the place, as adherence to discipline is a hallmark of this temple.

Shri Krishna Janmashtami is the biggest festival celebrated at the temple. Birthday festivities of the supreme deity are celebrated on a grand scale. The idols are bathed with milk, curds, honey and are decorated with colorful flowers. People find the sight of decorated idols very pleasing.  Sweets are distributed as a sacrament. The fanfare is also accompanied by devotional recitation of verses. Musical presentations are also made. The celebrations continue till late night. Devotees throng in thousands to make the celebrations memorable. The other festivals celebrated here are Radha-ashtami, Vaikuntha Ekadashi, Brahmotsava and Rath-yatra.

Dedicated male devotees, young and old are conspicuous in the temple premises. They can be easily marked by their appearance with tonsured head and application of vermilion mark on their forehead and nose bridge. They are found engaged in reciting hymns or engrossed in meditation.

Visitors to this ISKON temple would altogether have a unique experience when compared to visits to other traditional temples. The architecture is different, the ambience is different and the spiritual leanings are different.

The temple authorities  engage in many charitable activities, run by the temple trust. The most important of the charity is feeding tens of thousands of children every day. Very elaborate arrangements are made to make the task smoother. The logistics involved are mind boggling. But it is being run successfully with active help from an army of volunteers and donors too.

Best Time to Visit

Visitors can visit any day. Temple activities are from early morning to late night.

How to Reach

Bangalore is very well connected by road, rail and air to all cities and metros of India. ISKCON Temple is located at the North of Banglore. The area is well connected to the rest of the city. Visitors can have different options of transport facility to reach here, they can reach here by private taxi, bus or their own vehicle.

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