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Surinsar Mansar Wildlife Sanctuary

The immaculate land of Jammu and Kashmir is known as the ‘Paradise on Earth’ and is termed so by those many eyes who have always appreciated the beauty of this tranquil and calm location with a good amount of green count. This is also home to many wildlife sanctuaries and one such place which ranks the highest is the Surinsar Mansar Wildlife Sanctuary. It is situated at a distance of 42 km from Jammu city. It is spread over a sprawling cover of 97.82 sq km. For those wishing to visit this place in summers should carry the right type of clothing to thoroughly enjoy the visit to this wildlife sanctuary. Raincoat, trekking shoes and some light clothing can help you survive in this environment and for winters, windcheaters are a must and the heavy woolens of course.

The striking beauty of this wildlife sanctuary is just difficult to describe and can be enjoyed from different corners of two lakes which enhances the beauty of the sanctuary. The name to this sanctuary has been derived from the two lakes flowing through it. The two lakes are located on each corner of the sanctuary.


The altitude of the sanctuary is from 430 to 611 meters that too above the sea level and is spread over a sprawling cover of 97.82 sq km. This sanctuary is located at a distance of 42 km from Jammu city and is marked for its landscape setting.


The favorable climatic conditions support various types of vegetation at Surinsar Mansar Wildlife sanctuary. Pinus Gerardiana is one of main species of vegetation found in the sanctuary. Other species are Lallotus Phiipensid, Ficus Religiosa, Dalbergia Sissii, Bahunia Variegate, Acacia spp, etc. The landscape of this wildlife sanctuary is a must visit for those who love to see the different vegetation and green cover.


Species like Wild Boar, Barking beer, Goral and Leopard are found here. Also numerous birds can be found in the environment like Red Jungle Fowl, Peafowl, Green Pigeon, Blue Rock Pigeon and rufus Tutle, etc and also Black Patridge. The 8 species of mammals and 15 species of birds will keep you busy with its tranquil and calm surroundings. The different species and the avifauna in this wildlife sanctuary should not be missed, it makes Surinsar Mansar one of the most beautiful sanctuaries in Jammu and Kashmir. The animals found here are amazing due to their uniqueness, they live in their natural habitat here giving you a true insight into the wildlife. Also, the two lakes flowing through this sanctuary increase the beauty of this sanctuary.

Prime Attraction

The prime attractions over here are the beautiful mammals, the birds and the abundant green vegetation. The safaris are the best part of this sanctuary.

How to Reach

By Air

The nearest airport to this national park is in Jammu which is at a distance of 58 km.

By Rail

The closest railway station is also in Jammu at a distance of 56 km. Jammu is well connected to the other parts of the city with many trains.

By Road

The road route to this wildlife sanctuary is also very well connected and Jammu is at a distance of the 42 km from the sanctuary. As Jammu is well connected to the other parts of the country, there are many buses available for one to reach Surinsar Mansar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Where to Stay

For those who wish to stay at the sanctuary or close to the sanctuary can check with the Regional Wildlife Warden for the details and permission. Those who wish to stay in Jammu and then travel to this beautiful location is also very feasible with many options to stay and regular conveyance available.

Best Time to Visit

Those who wish to see the mammals, the best time to visit is between September to March and avid bird lovers can think of visiting this place in the months of March to May.

Visitor Information

The visitors should carry the right type of clothing and other needed materials like trekking shoes, raincoats, windcheaters, woolens in winters, light clothing extra backpacks.

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