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Ramnagar Wildlife Sanctuary

Ramnagar National Park is at a distance of 6 km from Jammu in India and is spread over a distance of 31 km rick conifer Himalayan terrain. One can spot uncommon animals at this national park which becomes its uniqueness. Many mammals and bird species can be seen while you set out for a safari at the exterior of this beautiful wildlife sanctuary. Musk deer, brown bears, leopards can be seen roaming at this sanctuary.

The white checked Indian Mynah, bulbul, Black rock pigeon, Red Jungle fowl, Golden Orioles and the colored multi-hued shaded birds are also a treat for the eyes. A secure pass is needed to go out for wildlife sanctuaries and are issued at the regional wildlife warden in Jammu and Kashmir in India. This wildlife sanctuary is situated at an easy to reach distance of 8 km from the Jammu Railway station is very conveniently connected to the civilization. Also, a regular bus facility connecting with Ramnagar wildlife sanctuary and Jammu makes it even easier to visit this paradise. While preparing your rucksack, you should take care of some basics to trek through the nature in the Ramnagar forests like light clothing, trekking shoes, raincoats and if planning to go in winters, carry light sweaters and windcheaters to protect yourself from the chill.
This wildlife sanctuary is placed at a trek distance of 6 km from the main hustle bustle of the Jammu city and is spread over an area of 31 sq km at an altitude, 430 and 611 meters above the seal level. This sanctuary is home to at least 8 mammals and 15 bird species enriching the fauna and flora of the region.

Topography of Ramnagar Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary is at an altitude of 430 to 611 meters above the sea level.

Flora in Ramnagar Wildlife Sanctuary

One can see rare plants, herbs and shrubs at the Ramnagar wildlife sanctuary in the Himalayan region.


The animals that one can see at this sanctuary are totally different from what you get to see in Ladakh. Many varieties of animals can be seen in the Ramnagar wildlife sanctuary at Jammu and Kashmir. The sanctuary has blue rock pigeon, mynah, peafowl, red jungle fowl, jungle crow, white cheeked bulbul etc.

Prime Attraction

This beautiful sanctuary is spread across a distance of 31 km and is just a few km away from Jammu city and this is the best part about this wildlife paradise.

How to Reach

This sanctuary is well connected to the civilization and one can easily reach by taxies and bus services available from Jammu city. One has to contact the Regional Wildlife Warden of Jammu for passes to visit this wildlife sanctuary.

By Rail

This is just 8 kms from the railway station of Jammu.

By Air

The nearest airport is in Jammu and is again at a distance of 8 km.

By Road

With the good connectivity, regular buses are there from the Jammu city making it very easy to reach the sanctuary.

Where to Stay

One can get an accommodation at the two bedroom hut for overnight stay within the sanctuary itself. Tourists can also contact the Regional Wildlife Warden of Jammu for the passes.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit for mammal watching is from September to March and for birds.

Visitor Information

  • The tourists can get exciting jeep safaris at spot animals closely in their natural habitat.
  • It is an opportunity for photography lovers to capture the rare animals in their cameras.
  • Trekking is preferred by most of the people who visit this sanctuary.
  • Light clothes are to taken during summers; raincoats and gum boots are advisable for the rains.
  • For winters, one should carry windcheaters without fail and sweaters as well.
  • Trekking shoes are a must.
  • Staying in the huts will give you a different experience overall

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