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Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary

Jammu and Kashmir is a haven for many visitors due to its rich culture and topography. It is called a treasure of wide variety of natural resources. People from the different parts of the world come to visit this paradise to have a look and enjoy the natural resources available. Many students, nature lovers, scientists and other common tourists frequently visit these parks, the wildlife sanctuaries to experience the huge wildlife reserves and the forest of the state.

This state is home to the best natural forest resources and reserves and Nandini Wildlife sanctuary is one of the beautiful wildlife sanctuaries situated in Jammu and Kashmir. The Jammu area used to be very thick forested with a huge variety of mammals teaming a few years ago. This wildlife sanctuary was started to preserve the forest and those endangered species. This park got its name from the famous Nandini Village. Nandini - the beautiful sanctuary is situated around 28 km from Jammu and Kashmir and is known for its beautiful locales and the different and varied topography. This sanctuary plays host to many endangered species of birds and mammals.

This region supports a huge variety of bird species and the 8 species of mammals. The wildlife sanctuary is very much acclaimed and is known for its diverse wildlife and the beautiful species.

This wildlife sanctuary was established in 1990 to preserve and protect the depleting green cover of the Jammu and Kashmir. It also gives a home to endangered species looking for a good green cover as their habitat. It covers the nearby areas of Jammu and is a must visit experience for everyone.

Topography of Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary

The varied topography and the ideal surrounding is a perfect home to the wild animals and the winged animals to stay and flourish. This is considered as one of the most important tourist places in Jammu and Kashmir. It nestles many endangered and rare animals that can be seen through the famous safaris in their natural habitat. Mammals like Grey Langur, Rhesus Monkey, Leopards, Bharuls, etc can be seen.

Flora in Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary

The immaculate bliss and the beauty of the woods in this peaceful and tranquil location make everyone fall in love with its beauty.


This sanctuary has 8 different species of mammals and many winged species that add to its importance. This sanctuary is very famous for the diverse flora and fauna and the rare species that cannot be seen anywhere else. A huge population of the Phesants, Chakor, blue rock pigeon, Mynah, Red Jungle Fowl, etc can be found in the sanctuary.
Spread over an area of 34 sq km, the main species seen are of wild boards, bharal, grey langur, leopard, etc.

Prime Attraction

The prime attractions are the endangered species along with the beautiful treks and the amazing safaris that one can go for.

How to Reach

By Rail

This place is very well connected to the different parts of Jammu and the closest railway station is located at a distance of 28 km in Jammu.

By Air

The nearest and closest airport is also in Jammu and at a distance of 26 km from the wildlife sanctuary.

By Road

The regular bus service from Jammu to this wildlife sanctuary makes it even easier for people to reach and visit this paradise.

Where to Stay

One can contact the wildlife warden of Jammu for accommodations at the sanctuary and if anyone wishes to stay in Jammu, the many hotels and lodges offer ample choice with different ranges and budgets.

Best Time to Visit

For bird watchers, the best time to visit is in the month March to May and for those who wish to see the mammals can set out in the amazingly beautiful Nandini Wildlife sanctuary in the month of September to March.

Visitor Information

A wildlife tour permit is needed for those who wish to set out for a safari and are provided by the Regional Wildlife Warden based in Ramnagar.

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