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Rajinder Park Jammu

A new development a Canal Road in Jammu is Rajinder Park. It is located between two canals and has a huge fountain. The beauty of this fountain is experienced at night when it is lit up. Jammu has its share of beautiful and picturesque gardens. The stunning and gorgeous Mughal gardens and parks of this region attract large number of tourists every year.

Rajinder Park of Jammu is gifted with natural beauty where a majestic Himalayan range adds grace to the region. Parks and gardens of Jammu are famous for its natural designs and Mughal architecture. Rajinder Park derives its name from the late President of India Dr. Rajinder Prasad.

The park that covered a distance of 1 km once, gave a grand reception to the late President along with people of Jammu. This park is a favorite getaway for people in the region and also for tourists. Tourists come here during summers to enjoy chilling waters of the canal. Seeing the popularity of this park, it was recently refurbished and spruced by Jammu and Kashmir Bank.

This well-maintained lawn spreads across massive acres of sheer greenery. The architectural beauty of this park is blended with lush green landscapes, which add charm to the place. This park is enveloped in natural beauty and is fringed by trees all over.

Different species of trees, shrubs and plants are found at Rajinder Park, which adds to the botanical richness here. It is a supreme example of the legacy of Mughals evident from the artistic style in which lawns here have been designed.

About the Place

There are many reasons why Jammu has emerged as a favored tourist destination. It is not only a popular spot for tourists of India but also from different parts of the world. The place is very vibrant in color and also in energy. There are large numbers of activities to keep the tourists of the reason busy and entertained.

Popular adventure sports also attract many dynamic souls to Jammu. Tourists love to participate in various activities such as skiing, trekking, mountaineering and parasailing here. Apart from engaging in activities there are various places one can visit to revitalize the soul.

Serene and beautiful flowing Mansar and Surinsar lakes in the backdrop of thick forests look like paradise on earth. Every adventurous and nature loving person comes here to recreate and quench their thirst for natural beauty. It is also a place of pilgrimage for both Hindus and Muslims. Therefore, each year thousands of tourists from all over India flock the region to pay tribute.

Jammu is beautifully enveloped in history, myth and tales adding a mystical ambience to this paradise on earth. Popularly known as the winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir, it is regarded as the ideal place to relax and rejuvenate.

Point to Remember

It is important for tourists coming to this region to organize their trip in a planned manner to avoid any hassles. It’s a must to make bookings in advance because there is huge flow of tourists to Jammu throughout the year. During peak seasons like spring and summer there is huge rush to enjoy the treasures of natural beauty of Jammu.

How to Reach

Jammu is easily accessible from all major cities of India. A well-connected network of roads and railways make travelling easy in Jammu for tourists.

  • By Rail- Jammu Tawi is the most important station of Jammu. It is connected to important cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi.
  • By Air- Flights are easy available to and from Jammu. Other airports are available in vicinity are Srinagar and Ladakh. Tourists easily get private vehicles outside the airports to escort them.
  • By Road- Bus services are available for travelling in and around Jammu. Jammu is well connected by an extensive network of luxury bus services.

Tourists coming to Jammu can get various packages in bus and train services to suit their convenience. Depending on their budget tourists can make appropriate choice of conveyance and package.

Entry Fees

Visitors coming to Rajinder Park in Jammu have to pay the nominal entry fee of INR5 for both children and adults. This fee is charged from the visitors for the maintenance of the Park.

Best Time to Visit

The picturesque landscape of Jammu is inviting all the year around but tourists throng Jammu mostly during the spring, summer and autumn season. During the months of March to October the place is full of natural beauty with colorful flowers blooming in every corner of Jammu. To enjoy captivating views of snow clad mountains some tourists also like to come here during winter months.


A children’s park adjacent to the main lawn of Rajinder Park is the main highlight of the region. Therefore, it is a great place to enjoy for children and adults alike.
Moreover, a dancing fountain here is colorful and lights up at night to draw tourists. It is a treat to watch this colorful and lit fountain amidst lush green landscape in the middle of grand and splendid ranges of the Himalayas.


This vibrant picnic spot is open from 10 am in the morning to 8 pm in the evening during summers. The timings might change due to unforeseen weather conditions during winter months.

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