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Chasme Shahi Bagh

Chasme Shahi Bagh, built by Ali Mardan, a governor during the reign of Shah Jahen is one of the most beautiful gardens in Kashmir--fondly called the “Paradise on Earth”. Tucked away in the scenic realms of Srinagar, the capital city of Jammu and Kashmir, Chasme Shahi Bagh is frequented by domestic and international travelers alike.

Founded way back in 1632, Chasme Shahi Bagh or “garden beside the royal spring” overlooks the magnificent waters of Dal Lake and is in close proximity to Raj Bhawan (Governor‘s house). The mighty and picturesque Zabarwan Range acts as a backdrop to scenic landscapes of Chasme Shahi Bagh and grants tourists mesmerizing views of its snow capped peaks beyond.

The landscaped terrains of this beautiful garden were commissioned by Shah Jahen, a well known emperor of Mughal Dynasty for his eldest son Dara Siko. Eastern precincts of the garden boast of Pari Mahal (Fairy Palace), where Dara practiced his astrological skills and was assassinated by his tyrant brother Aurangzeb.

Chasme Shahi Bagh sprawls across 108 meters in length and 38 meters in width. Considered as the smallest Mughal Garden of three in Srinagar, Chasme Shahi originally derived its name from the famous Kashmiri saint Rupa Bhawani. She hailed from a reputed family of Kashmiri Pundits and was responsible for discovering this pristine stream. The spring which now crises-crosses various areas of Chasme Shahi garden was originally called Chasme Sahibi after the Sahib clan of which she was a direct descendent.

Chasme Shahi is influenced by Iranian style of garden architecture and layout and reminds tourists of various Persian gardens. A fresh water spring flows through various terraces and tiers of this garden and provides the region with an ethereal charm. It divides the blossoming garden into three sections which boast of waterfalls, aqueducts and fountains.

A quaint two storied Kashmiri hut stands aloft near the mouth of a spring located at the first terrace. The second terrace holds this water that eventually flows down in a large water pool. A beautiful fountain located at a central point of this pool enhances its beauty in more ways than one. The third terrace contains a square five-fountain pool which is fed by a water ramp and is the lowest pool here.

Chasme Shahi Gardens have been proclaimed as the most artistically sound Mughal Gardens in Kashmir and is well known for its spring which contains medicinal and therapeutic properties. A flight of steps leads tourists from one level to another and is surrounded by large areas of ornamental plants along with a host of fragrant flowers.

Chasme Shahi Bagh is well flanked by two larger Mughal Gardens—Shalimar Bagh and Nishat Bagh.

About the Place

Srinagar, famed across the world for its lush mountain sides, charming waters of Jhelum River and well laid out Mughal Gardens, is a preferred destination for tourists from all corners of the country and beyond. Nestling amidst the snow capped peaks of Zanskar, Karakoram and Pir Panjal ranges and standing stoic at an elevation of 1,730 metres, this mountain city has been richly eulogized by kings, travelers, poets and saints for its scenic natural bounties.

Srinagar’s invigorating climate, mind boggling tourist attractions, houseboats, flower laden shikaras and temples make it the much loved summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir. The city was established by King Pravarasen II and is located beside the waters of Jhelum River. Nagin Lake, Anchar Lake and a host of other smaller water bodies set against the backdrop of lush Himalayan Mountains, make Srinagar all the more romantic and captivating.

Chasme Shahi Bagh occupies a pride of place in this mountain city which boasts of its serene Dal Lake, historic wooden mosques and never ending rows of quaint shops selling artifacts, saffron, Pashmina shawls and other handicrafts.

Point to Remember

Chasme Shahi Bagh is home to some of the most beautiful species of flowers and plants that grow in different seasons. These delicate flowers adorning the garden wilt easily so visitors should avoid visiting Chasme Shahi Bagh on very sunny days. Remember to take a dip in the waters of Chasme Shahi, which boasts of great medicinal properties.

How to Reach

By Air

Domestic tourists can avail of multiple carriers to reach Srinagar from various important cities of India. Srinagar airport is well connected to Mumbai, Chandigarh, Delhi and Shimla. Tourists flying in from other countries may reach Srinagar via Delhi. After arriving in Srinagar, they can avail easy transport facilities to visit Chasme Shahi Bagh.

By Rail

The nearest railhead to Srinagar is at Udhampur which is located at a distance of 60km to the north of Jammu. Jammu Tavi railway station is well connected to most important towns and cities of India and is situated at a distance of 293 km from Srinagar. Travelers from Chennai, Trivandrum, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune and other important centers can book themselves easy and comfortable train journeys to reach Jammu.

After arriving in Jammu, they can hire a taxi or avail regular bus services to complete the 12 hours journey to Srinagar.

By Bus

Jammu Tavi is well connected to Srinagar by private coaches, regular bus services and a host of taxis. The National Highway 1A links Srinagar to the rest of India and passes through beautiful mountain terrains, long tunnels and scenic valleys. Srinagar can be accessed from Leh and Kargil in summers.

Entry Fees

The entry fees to Chasme Shahi Bagh are very nominal.

Best Time to Visit

Tourists should appropriately visit Chasme Shahi Bagh in the pleasant months of April to June. The garden is in full bloom in this period and boasts of a myriad range of colors and fragrances captivating tourists from all walks of life.


The word Chasme Shahi has been derived from the words “abode of love”. It is believed that Mumtaz Mahal—queen of Shah Jahen, was cured of her illness by the minerals present in the waters of the spring which flows through this garden.

Regular use of its waters brings a healthy radiance to the skin and cures several skin related diseases. Water from this spring was also used by Jawahar Lal Nehru in New Delhi and taken to the royal kitchens of Agra in the Mughal period.


Chasme Shahi Bagh is open for tourists between 9.30 am to 5.30 pm on all days except Fridays. The entry to the garden is restricted till 4.30 pm.

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