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Flower Garden Jammu

Kashmir Valley is known for its colorful and lively gardens. One of its modern landmarks is Flower Garden in Bhour Camp. This beautiful garden did not bloom overnight. It was a piece of land in Bhour Camp lying vacant and fallow for a long time. Gradually, Flower Garden was developed here turning a dry land into a beautiful garden.

The idea of having a Flower Garden with many varieties of flowers was brought up by Chief Minister Gulam Nabi Azad. He came to Bhour Camp in an airplane and seeing the barren chunk of land proposed the idea of a flower garden. Although the Chief Minister himself conceived the idea, but the task of developing the garden was entrusted to Floriculture Department of Jammu.

This Flower Garden in Bhour Camp is a major center for Floriculture today. It is self sufficient and gives an economic boost to the area. Tourists love to unfold the beauty of this garden and explore the many varieties of flowers developed here.

Tourists visiting Bhour Camp cannot seem to stop admiring the masses of flowers, which brings them closer to nature. Looking at this piece of paradise gives immense pleasure to tourists.

These green expanses of Flower Garden play an important role in drawing tourists from different parts of India throughout the year. For the local people of this region and Authorities of the Floriculture Department, this has become a huge financial support with the growing influx of tourists.

Flower Festivals

Every year, amidst the green valley of Jammu, many flower festivals are organized by the Floriculture Department. The main purpose is to spread awareness about the different varieties of flowers grown in the region.

Tourists can not only enjoy the sight of flowers but also have information about the breed, name and season of flowers. Usually, this flower festival is held in spring season. During that time one can see a huge mass of tourists coming to the region to enjoy beauty of these blooming flowers.

About the Place

Flower Garden of Bhour Camp lies at Jammu, which is the winter capital of J&K. Jammu is popular for its picturesque landscape and also scenic beauty of the Himalayan ranges. Though Jammu is regarded as the “city of temples” but it also stands apart for its beautiful gardens and forts.

It is an ideal spot for both experience seekers and also history buff. Jammu is a favored spot for adventure tourism because of its lush green landscape. Tourists love to engage in adventure sports in the lap of nature. Tourists coming to Jammu can enjoy the scenic beauty of this place and also participate in adventurous activities like skiing, trekking, mountaineering and trolley rides.

Tourists coming here also love to revitalize their soul in the soothing climate of Jammu. A beautiful and serene river flowing beside the hills gives tourists the feel of a paradise. This place is full of legends, myths and tales associated with forts and temples adding divinity to the place. The mystical environment with gushing sound of waterfalls is a travelers’ dream.

Jammu has great religious significance with thousands of devotees coming here each year to pay their tribute. The combination of beauty with adventure comes as a bonus for travelers. Therefore, Jammu is the most preferred destination for tourists from all over the world.

The beautiful lake of Jammu, which is full of colorful Shikharas, also adds color and vigor to this city of temples. Ambience of this city is peaceful and holy with greenery all around. Tourists coming to this region love to idle around the lazing rivers of this place. A fresh smell is added to this environment due to the existence of a beautiful Flower Garden of Bhour Camp.

Points to Remember

It is important for tourists to make bookings in advance because this place attracts a lot of guests, especially during spring. It is the peak season here.
Maximum varieties of flowers in their full youth can be seen only in the months of March and April. If you want to see the garden, plan a careful manner so tourists can enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Flower Garden with maximum varieties of flowers in the prime of their youth.

How to Reach

Jammu is easily accessible from major cities of India. Depending on the budget and schedule tourists can make a choice of transport.

  • By Rail- Jammu Tawi is the closest railway station here, which connects the region to rest of India.
  • By Air- The airport at Jammu receives both domestic and international flights. There are private vehicles available from the airport to escort tourists to Flower Garden.
  • By Road- Bus service and private vehicles are available for conveyance of tourists from the airport and railway stations to escort the tourists.

Entry Fees

Entry fee for adults is INR 50 and for children INR 20. However, it is subject to change by the Floriculture Department.

Best Time to Visit

Though Jammu is a treat to watch throughout the year but best time to explore the mesmerizing beauty of this place and Flower Garden is during spring and autumn. These are the flowering seasons of Jammu when this region is at a peak of its beauty and youth. Therefore from March to September this region is flocked by tourists.


Over 20 varieties of unique flowers are found here, including Calendula, Icicle plant, Sweet William, Nasturtium and many more.


Visitors can enter Flower Garden from 10 am in the morning to 7 pm in the evening.

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