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Jahaz Mahal

Located at Mehrauli in the northeastern corner of Delhi, Jahaz Mahal is a marvelous piece of architecture that boasts of some of the finest designs of the Mughal architecture. The Mahal or palace resembles a Jahaz, which in English means ship, forming the basis of its name. Yet, it is not a floating palace. However, when its reflection falls in the reservoir surrounding the palace, it gives an illusion of a ship. The palace is located adjacent to Hauz-i-Shamsi and is noted as a popular tourist destination of the capital city.

The intricate architectural beauty of the palace is obviously a reason of attraction, yet the cultural events that are hosted after the monsoon months still attract a large number of people. With different types of acting, dancing and music events, the palace celebrates the Phoolwalon ki Sair in which people plays floral tribute to two shrines of Muslims and Hindu located in Mehrauli. Even though it is a cultural event, it wonderfully celebrates the brotherhood between the two religions as well.


The history of Jahaz Mahal is still in doubts as there is no significant evident to support the claims. While some historians believe it to be constructed by the rulers of the Lodi dynasty during the years 1452-1526, others opine it to be a summer retreat for the emperors Bahadur Shah II and Akbar Shah II  as well as their families, before the Mughal invaded India. This is not all. It is also said that the palace served as a Sarai or an inn to the pilgrims who travelled from distant places like Turkey, Morocco, Iraq, Iran, Arabia or Afghanistan to visit the famous Muslim shrines in Delhi. It is also said that the palace was a home of a holy man.


Anyone visiting the palace is sure to praise its astounding designs and decorations. Six impressive chhatris or towers located in the center and corner of the palace are sure to attract the attention of any onlooker. This is not all, the intricate designs on the pillars supporting the towers is sure to mesmerize the visitors. Detailing on the beautiful squinches present on the walls and chambers of the palace speaks of the architectural brilliance of the yester years. Even though many sections of the palace have been lost due to illegal encroachments, blue tiles used to decorate the domed pavilion located just on the top of the central gate still reflects its glory. The rectangular shape, which is currently a ‘U’ shape courtyard, allows visitors place to roam about and explore the place properly. It also has a small mosque inside the palace. Many of the decorations and designs have been damaged due to lack of maintenance, but still one cannot ignore the architectural masterpieces present inside.

Information for Tourists

  • Nearest Metro Station: Chattarpur station on the Yellow Line
  • Nearest Railway Station: Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station
  • Opening and Closing Details: The monument remains open on all days. Visit anytime in between sunrise and sunset.
  • Location:  Located in Mehrauli, beside Hauz-i-Shamsi
  • Best time to visit Jahaz Mahal: It can be visited anytime. After-monsoon months can be chosen if someone wants to witness the cultural events held here.

How to Reach

Jahaz Mahal is easily accessible from any part of the city by road transport. People can either avail railway service or take buses coming to Mehrauli. It takes around 1 hour to 1 hour 30 mins to explore the place.

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