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Gymkhana Pub And Bar

The nightlife of Chandigarh is quite exciting and entertaining. With a wide array of nightclubs, pubs and bars currently open in the city, there is hardly any time when you will not be having fun. The nightclubs are flashy and cool, and within easy reach from any part of the city. If you are a party freak, you will definitely love the nightlife of Chandigarh and the enjoyment that it offers. The college students and the young working class, who work hard every day, wish to unwind and have fun after a long day. The nightclubs and pubs in Chandigarh serve exactly what the crowd loves - good food, refreshing drinks and the best and latest music. A number of these nightclubs and pubs remain open till late at night or till the wee hours of morning. If you are looking for a suitable place in Chandigarh where you can relax and enjoy time with friends, then the Gymkhana Pub & Bar offers the perfect setting.

The Gymkhana Pub & Bar in Chandigarh is a well-known hangout place among the locals and visitors to the city. Acclaimed for its excellent service and delicious food, the pub and bar centre promises the best enjoyment and relaxation for those who love an interesting nightlife. This pub also has various happy hour offers that can be availed easily. These happy hour offers vary from day to day and are renewed constantly. Youngsters can be seen crowding the location throughout the week, and especially on weekends.

The ambiance of the Gymkhana Pub & Bar is not very loud. The interiors have been kept subtle and with settings that appeal to people of all age groups. The food served by the restaurant at the location is good and is reasonably priced. The pub has a fun vibe, and is suitable to catch up with friends and enjoy a great evening. Their long list of liquor products is sure to meet the likes of every customer. The pub remains open till late at night, giving customers a chance to enjoy the best that Chandigarh has to offer.

This pub provides a cool ambiance and splendid music that customers can thoroughly enjoy. The DJ at the pub plays the most rocking songs and the dance floor is amazing, with all the colourful lighting. Security is provided inside the restaurant and the staffs keep a watch on any type of disorder or misconduct. The entire area is air-conditioned and provided with Wi-Fi service, so that customers can enjoy the best facilities. Live rock bands that play here, add to the beautiful ambiance of this pub.

This pub finds a suitable location in the heart of the city. It is located in Sector 17 C which is accessible from all parts of the city. Located in the main market area, the pub is excellent for those planning a night out with friends. The pub and bar centre offers the perfect setting for people to have fun and enjoy a great time with their loved ones. The staffs at the pub and bar take good care of the customers and provide them with the best service. Whether you are looking to enjoy a power-packed evening or just a relaxed time to catch up with friends, the Gymkhana Pub & Bar is the perfect place to hang around.

What You Get Here

At the Gymkhana Pub & Bar in Chandigarh, you can expect lip-smacking starters and snacks. The cuisine served at the pub is North Indian, giving customers a wide variety of dishes to choose from. Whether it is the Tikka Kebab that you like or the lip-smacking Tandoori items, the restaurant at the pub meets all your needs and culinary requirements. The pub is renowned for serving only North Indian food. Customers can also enjoy an array of North Indian sweets at this pub. According to your tastes, you can find delicious snacks, main course and dessert items at this pub.

The pub serves a range of hard drinks, cocktails and mocktails for customers to choose from. A typical dinner along with drinks for two at this pub can cost between 500 INR to 1500 INR. The quality of food and drinks at the pub is excellent, and also quite affordable. The pub is a favourite destination among the locals, especially youngsters.

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