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Aerizona Pub And Bar

The nightlife scenario of Chandigarh has evolved over the years. People looking forward to an eventful night out and to party, can find a number of places to enjoy in the city. Almost a decade or two ago, staying out of homes late in the night was something that people would not consider. But today, this cosmopolitan city offers locals and visitors with a great nightlife scene, and lots of amazing places where they can go to have a fun time. There are numerous nightclubs, discotheques and pubs in Chandigarh that remain open throughout the night, and till the wee hours of morning.

A very popular nightspot to hang out in the city is the Aerizona Pub & Bar. It is a discotheque that was established almost a decade ago, in Chandigarh. Aerizona was designed and established to provide a western-style setting and party hot-spot for the locals. The place succeeded in doing so, and today it has established itself as one of the most popular places to have fun. The name Aerizona is popular with the younger generation of Chandigarh, and they can often be seen partying hard at this nightclub.

The ambiance at the Aerizona Pub & Bar is loud, which complements its setting and theme. The nightclub has clicked well with partygoers, who consider Aerizona as a great place for throwing parties, and also as an ideal destination to hang out and enjoy good times with friends. Whether it is mid-afternoon parties or groovy nights out, this pub meets the choice of every type of partygoer. There are several themed and casual parties conducted at the nightclub. Guests enjoy the music provided by the live DJ Rohit, popularly known as RDJ.

An interesting aspect of the Aerizona Pub & Bar is that it hosts special Foreigner’s Night Outs on Sundays. This is when the foreign community residing in Chandigarh simply lets their hair down, and parties hard till late into the night. The city has a considerable foreign student population and also working class foreigners, who enjoy these nights at this pub. There are also various day parties conducted for the foreigners at this pub. For those who find it difficult to join the night parties, they can go for the day parties and still have a great time.

The music played at the Aerizona Pub & Bar varies from hip-hop to dance and trance, reggae and several other interesting and entertaining options. The DJ at Aerizona creates such fantastic atmospheres that even those who don’t feel like dancing is bound to match their steps with the rest. The place is good for throwing private parties and is completely air-conditioned. The owners of this pub have triumphed in creating an environment that has gone down well with the party lovers of Chandigarh. So, for those who love to party hard and drink harder, Aerizona is a great place to enjoy.

Aerizona finds a good location in Sector 9 in Chandigarh. The nightclub can be reached conveniently and features a typical bar scene. The modern ambiance compliments the theme of the nightclub, with original bar seating and the complete pub atmosphere. The place is quite cheerful and attracts several people over the weekdays and weekend. Security is well taken care of at the nightclub, with bouncers and guards always on call.

What You Get Here

The Aerizona Pub & Bar does not serve full meals, but does have an assortment of delicious snacks and items to munch on. Some of the hot favourites among the masses include the Chicken Malai Tikka and the Honey Roll. The pricing of food and drinks at this pub is moderate and not very expensive. However, it is not a place where you can enjoy a complete meal. A night out for two with snacks and drinks can cost up to 1200 INR.

The nightclub has a well-stocked bar with a notable beer and wine list. The scotch served at the pub has received lots of appreciation. There are also a variety of cocktails served at the pub, which guests would love to try.

If you are looking for a place where you can find good music, good beverages and an exciting ambiance, then Aerizona Pub & Bar is the place where you should be. Visit Aerizona Pub & Bar to enjoy a great time and to party hard.

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