Blue Ice

Blue Ice in Chandigarh is a restaurant-cum-bar that is fashionable as per the current times to grab a bite or have a relaxed evening accompanied with drinks. The cost of 330 ml and 650 ml of Kingfisher drinks is Rs 85 and Rs 140 respectively. The other drinks available are Long Island iced tea available at a cost of Rs 250 and at Rs 100, one can have Bacardi Breezers. Along with drinks, food items that can be ordered include barbequed prawns, Thai Fish curry, chicken stroganoff and variety of burgers.

This place is a one that can prove relaxing accompanying the drinks and food. The place is very common among the youngsters. This place is located in the plush sector-17 that is the hub for the people of all ages in Chandigarh. For those who come out for spending their time in Sector-17 generally stopover at Blue Ice for a refreshing bite of snacks. The security of the pub is strong including the bouncers. The pub has a parking area both in the front and back. There is sufficient parking for the pub customers.

The location of this pub is also another factor for its favoritism among the youngsters. The location of the pub is in the plush area of Sector-17 E that is also well thought-out shopping paradise not only for the people of Chandigarh but also among those who come to visit beautiful city of Chandigarh. The use of soft lights make the place even more beautiful. The interiors of the pub include the large soften sofas and the comfy bar stools. The architecture of the pub is partitioned in two floors where the lounge is located in upper area while the lower area is used more as a restaurant.

What You Get Here

The pub offers both hard (alcoholic) and soft (non-alcoholic) drinks to its customers. Few of them includes Vodka, Scotch, Gin, Tequila, Rum and there are many more on the list.

The variety of food available here includes light snacks instead of full meals. The snack list comprises of pizzas, spring rolls, paneer snacks, sizzlers, kathi kebabs etc.

The music being played inside plays an important factor for the rush in pub.


11 AM – 12 AM


Blue Ice

    • Services | Chinese Food, Continental Food, Bars, Blue Ice, Restaurants, Restro Bars, Lounge Bars, Seafood, North Indian Food
    • Phone | 01722703338
    • Address |SCO 7, Sector 17 E, Chandigarh


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