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Roads In Punjab

Travelling by road gives a pleasurable and memorable experience in Punjab. Punjab has one of the most developed roads in the country. The marvelous villages, magnificent sceneries and vast green grazing lands provide a delight to the tourists. The road side Dhabas provides the best of Punjabi cuisines and makes your journey through road an entertaining experience.

In Punjab most of the important cities like Bhatinda, Firozpur, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Pathankot and capital city Chandigarh is well connected by National Highways. Some of the smaller towns and cities like Srihind and Sangrur are connected by the newly laid roads. However, when you are in Punjab it is advisable to stick to some speed limits. The speed limits on municipal roads are fifty km/hr, on highways it is eighty km/hr and on state highways it is seventy km/hr for light motors.

National Highways

A total of eleven national highways stretching to a distance of more than 1500 km pass through the state. Some of the main national highways are as follows:

  • The part of old GT road, NH 1 connects cities of Punjab like Amritsar, Jalandhar and Patiala to the national capital.
  • NH 10 connects Delhi to Fazilka which is bordering Pakistan with Punjab.
  • NH 1A pass though Jalandhar and connects Uri in Jammu & Kashmir.
  • NH 15 passes through Pathankot and connects Kandla port in Gujarat. The total distance of this NH is 350 km.
  • NH 20 connects Punjab state with Himachal Pradesh at Mandi. This NH passes through Pathankot.
  • Chandigarh is connected with Manali in Himachal Pradesh by NH21.
  • NH 22 pass through Ambala and goes up to the Chinese border. The Ambala Chandigarh expressway of 40 km has four lanes.
  • NH64 pass between Chandigarh and Dabwali.
  • NH 95 runs completely in the Punjab state. It connects Firozepur to Chandigarh.
  • NH 70 passes through Jalandhar and connects Himachal Pradesh at Mandi.
  • NH 71 passes through Sangrur and connects to neighboring Haryana state at Rewari.
  • NH 72 links Ambala on the border of Haryana and Punjab. It further extends to Haridwar via Dehradun.

State Highways

The assistance of World Bank has helped the state to enormously develop its road network. The road network has been developed to such an extent that each and every corner of the state is connected. The state has constructed roads of approximately four hundred and fifty km. It also plans to expand it by another seventy km. Some of the narrow roads have been converted into two and four lanes depending on traffic.

Recently some of the roads have been widened and renovated to provide comfortable journey to the people. These include:

  • Taran Tarn to Kapurthala road.
  • Kapurthala to Sultanpur road.
  • Road between Atari to Taran Tarn has been converted into four lanes.
  • Gurdaspur to Shri Hargobindpur road has been renovated and overlaid.
  • Road running between Shri Hargobindpur to Batala for a distance of 55 km has been renovated and widened.
  • Kharar Landran road which falls in Mohali division has been widened.
  • Roads between Srihind to Patiala and Chandigarh to Sirhind have been overlaid.
  • Roads between Khanna to Garshankar and Phillaur to Rahon Nagar which falls in the Ludhiana division has been overlaid and is operational.
  • It is being planned to widen the 71 km road between Sangrur and Ludhiana. The road has two bypasses at Gill and Pohir.

Sangrur division has some of the best roads in the state. The road between Bhagapurana to Bhagta Bhucho and Sitoganna to Dabwali are the best examples.

Pathankot Ajmer Highway

The six hundred kilometer expressway consisting of 8 lanes between Pathankot and Ajmer via Jalandhar is under construction. Out of the six hundred km three hundred and fifty km falls in the Punjab state. The rest of the expressway falls in Rajasthan and Haryana state. This expressway is expected to bring down the journey period between these two cities considerably and enhance the trade & commerce. Goods can be easily transported between the north Indian cities after this expressway comes up.

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