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Airports In Punjab

The place of five rivers, Punjab is well developed state equipped with excellent airport system. Currently, this state is gaining significant importance because of its tourism concept. Reachability is the vital factor which enhances the tourism department in Punjab. Decently organized and well-positioned airports in Punjab saturate all the demands of an outstanding airport system. This airport system provides strong connection between different regions inside and outside Punjab. There are both international and domestic airports meeting the requirements of both external and internal travel. Both types of airports are fully equipped with ultra modern amenities including dining spots, disabled care services, wheel chair access, juice corners, book stalls, money exchange counters, ATM centers and much more.

The state possesses five civil airdromes. Among them, the most significant and largest airport is Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport situated in Amritsar and also carries the credit of being the second busiest airport in North India following Delhi Airdrome.

Punjab also carries other airports like.

  • Bhatinda Airport
  • Pathankot Airport
  • Patiala Airport
  • Sahnewal Airport

Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport

International airport, Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport is located at 11 km northwest direction of Amritsar city. The airport is situated on Amritsar-Ajnala road, besides Raja Sansi village. The airport got its name from the founder and fourth Sikh guru of Amritsar, Sri Guru Ram Das Ji. This airport does its service in Amritsar, other states of Punjab, Jammu region in Jammu and Kashmir and also Himachal Pradesh. This is the largest aerodrome in Northern part of India. The newly constructed terminal possesses double the space of old terminal. Thus, Amritsar city has become the central hub for Punjab tourism.

Presently, this airport manages 100 commercial airplanes in a week including domestic and international (Middle East and central Asia).

Bhatinda Airport

Bhatinda Airport in civil area at Bhisiana Air Force Station belongs to Indian Air Force. This domestic airport was constructed besides Virk Kalan village, about 20 km northwest of the region Bhatinda, Punjab.

This airport, Bhatinda Civil Enclave was constructed on 42 acres at the cost of Rs 25 crores by Airports Authority of India (AAI). This land can inhabit two ATR 42 aircraft at a time whereas the steel and glass building carries two conveyor belts, 30-seater security hold, 2 check-in counters and a VIP lounge. There is also parking facility for 25 cars.

Pathankot Airport

This military airport is situated at Pathankot district of Punjab. This Airdrome is mostly occupied by Indian Air Force. Squadron No. 108 and 26 operate from this airfield, maintained by No. 108 Wing Indian Air Force and also Western Air Command. IAF operates Mikoyan-Gurevich MIG-21, the fighter aircraft. The airport is highly secured because of the presence of several squadrons. This airport is located inside IAF cantonment.

Recently, they have initiated commercial flight operation connecting with Delhi and Kullu. This airport was inaugurated by Mr. Praful Kumar on November 21st 2006 at Pathankot. There is only domestic flight facility in Pathankot.

Patiala Airport

Patiala Aviation Complex or Patiala Airport is a civil airport located at Patiala, Punjab. This airport was constructed by Patiala Maharaja Dhiraj Bhupinder Singh during first decade of 20th century to operate his personal aircraft. After 1947, this aerodrome was taken by Indian Government and transformed into civil airport.

Patiala Aviation Complex comprises of 5 hangars totally.

First Hangar serves Patiala Aviation Club (P.A.C), a flying training institute recognized by our Directorate General of Civil Aviation (D.G.C.A).
Second Hangar was originally Government controlled Engine and Instrument overhauling workshop followed by moderate usage of Northern India Flying Club (N.I.F.C).
Third Hangar functions as workshop of Punjab Aircraft Maintenance Engineering College (P.A.M.E.C) where students are trained to transform themselves as future engineers.
Fourth Hangar is allocated to National Cadet Crops (N.C.C) Air Wing.
Fifth hangar otherwise known as ‘VIP Hangar’ is employed for housing and also maintenance of V.I.P airplane possessed by Punjab Government.

Sahnewal Airport

Otherwise called as Ludhiana airport is a local aerodrome operating in Ludhiana city of Punjab. The airport is situated besides Sahnewal town, about 5 km (3.1 miles) in southeast direction of Ludhiana on Grand Trunk route.

This airport covers 130 acres of land. Present arrival/departure halls in this airport can inhabit 40 passengers. There is manual baggage delivery. Air India operates Regional ATR flight three times a week.

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