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Guru Tegh Bahadur Museum

It was in 1664 A.D, when the foundation of Sri Anandpur Sahib was laid and encouraged by Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji and it was later known as the city of divine bliss. This small yet beautiful town Sri Anandpur Sahib is located at the banks of the river Sutlej. In retrospect, this area would be called as the village Makhowal.

The land which now makes the Anandpur Sahib town was once bought by Guru Tegh Bahadur ji from Raja of Bilaspur, who owned the land back then. Then, with the help of his supporters and his efforts, he cultivated this town which on completion manifested the architectural as well as natural beauty and proved to a paradisiacal place to live.

The Museum

The museum is located very near to the entrance of the Gurudwara Takhat Sri Kesgarh Sahib which holds a historic importance itself. The site of the museum thus, as it is self-suggestive, was carefully chosen in the first place. In fact, the museum was designed and constructed in such manner that it would go well with the Gurudwara and synchronize with it. The same also emphasized the significance of the historical Gurudwara and symbolized its importance.

The Guru Tegh Bahadur Museum consists of two floors. The ground floor sprawls on an area of about 3751 sq. ft. and the first floor takes an area of about 1387 sq. ft.

In the building, there are 9 domes which are made from fine fiber glass. In the day time, these domes shower light on the galleries in the museum. And during dark, these glass domes reflect the moon light and give an amazing impression of twinkling stars, thereby giving the whole arrangement a resemblance to the actual cosmic galaxy. It is also said that these domes bring a man closer to his soul and help him in communicating with the divine force.

In order to highlight the paintings in the gallery proper arrangements were done during construction too. Even seats are available there for the visitors to sit and relax.

Museum Timings: 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.

Entry Fee: No Entry Fee

Museum Closed On: Monday

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