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Bir Moti Bagh Wildlife Sanctuary

The wildlife sanctuary of Bir Moti Bagh is located in the southern parts of Patiala in Punjab. This place is a significant destination of tourists attracting a large number of people across different corners of India. The sanctuary of Bir Moti Bagh encompasses an area of 654 hectares. The deer can be spotted within the surrounding areas of the Sanctuary and makes it an interesting place for the visitors of Bir Moti Bagh Wildlife Sanctuary.

Few of wild species having their habitat in the Sanctuary are wild boar, Hog deer, chital, Blue bull, Black buck, Peafowl, grey patridges, Brahminy Myna, Rhesus monkeys, Jackal, Quails etc. As far as the flora is concerned, Bamboo, Imli, Beri, Jamun, Drek, Eucalyptus, Karri, Lasura, Khajoor, neem, Kikar, Teak and Shisham are some of the varieties of flora spotted in this Sanctuary.


The area of Bir has been announced as a protected forest as well as a wildlife Sanctuary as per the Preservation of Fauna of Patiala Act, 1896 on 28th February, 1952. (As per PEPSU – the notification of Patiala and East Punjab State Union Government)

The wildlife sanctuary of Bir Moti Bagh has been one of the prominent hunting reserves of the kings of Patiala state in earlier times. Historically, the Patiala Maharaja had imported Red jungle fowl and German Wild Pig to the Sanctuary for the purpose of amusement and game. Besides, the department of wildlife also presented spotted deer and black buck to the Sanctuary.


Flora: Toot, Mesquite, Shisam, Kikar, Sirism, Beri, Neem, Mango, Drek, Jamun, Khajoor, Imli, Lasura, Teak, Eucalyptus, Karonda, Bamboo, Karir etc to name a few.

Fauna: Hog deer, Black buck, Jackal, Chital, Blue bull, Peafowl, Wild boar, Rhesus Monkeys, Brahminy Myna, quails, grey and black Partridges etc.

Best Time To Visit

The ideal time for visiting Punjab is from October to March when the weather remains cold as well as bracing. People may conveniently miss rainy season and hot summers.

How To Reach Bir Moti Bagh

The wildlife sanctuary of Bir Moti Bagh is located near Bhupindra International Public School and is close to Moti Bagh Palace of Patiala on Dakla road in Patiala. It lays 5 kms away from Patiala City. The Sanctuary is found 63 kms distant from Chandigarh Airport and takes one and a half hour to reach. The railway station of Patiala is situated 6.2 kms away while the bus stand of Patiala is 6 kms from the Sanctuary. Tourists can take taxis, auto-rickshaws, PRTC local buses for reaching the sanctuary.

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