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Bathinda Fort Punjab

Bhatinda Fort is one of the most important historical places of Punjab. Tourists coming to Amritsar make it a point to explore the fort, which is known to have great historical and cultural significance. The fort is around 1800 years old but has not lost its charm. It was Bhatti Reo who laid the foundation of this enchanting fort in Punjab.

Many followers of Sikhism flock the area to get the blessings of Sikh Guru Gobind Singhji. He is said to have visited the fort many years back. Tourists coming from different corners of the globe make it a point to explore Sikh culture and its tradition, which is aptly reflected in Bhatinda Fort. The fort replicates the old as well as new tradition and culture of India in an interesting manner.


Just like other forts in Punjab, even Bhatinda Fort has many historical incidents buried in its walls. Many historians have revealed that Maharaja Ala Singh, who was a very popular ruler of Patiala Dynasty, captured the fort in 1754. Historical archives of Punjab reflect that the tenth Guru of Sikh followers called Guru Gobind Singh visited the fort. To honor the visit of the holy soul, later a Gurudwara was built adjacent to the fort. Tourists who come to explore the history of the place also pay tribute and offer prayers in the gurudwara.

Bhatinda Fort has immense historic significance because it has been associated with different historical figures like Rao Bhatti, Bikrami Sambat, Bala Rao Bhatti and also Mahmud Ghazni who captured the fort in 1000 AD. Much later, in 1189, Mohammed Ghori besieged the fort but within 13 months Prithviraj Chauhan regained ownership of Bhatinda Fort. In 1240, the first woman ruler of India Razia Sultan was imprisoned in the fort. This fort is a storehouse of ancient Sikh scriptures and manuscripts, which have attracted a large number of historians to the place.


Bhatinda Fort has a unique and magnificent architecture that appeals to every visitor coming here. It is made of bricks reflecting the Kushana period when India was under the reign of emperor Kanishka. Bhatinda Fort is surrounded by sand dunes, which gives the look of a ship resting in sand. The exclusiveness of architecture of this fort has made it distinct from others in Punjab. The credit of this enchanting architecture of the fort goes to Bhatti Reo who decided to make a fort that which would resemble a schooner in the deserted land of the area.

Best Time to Visit

The place has pleasant climate throughout the year. However, a large number of tourists come to visit Bhatinda, especially during the winter months. The temperature is cool and pleasant making it very inviting for tourists. Moreover, tourists also love to engage in sight-seeing and outdoor activities during winter months to avoid heat pangs. Summers are usually hot in Punjab where temperature reaches up to 47º C.

During summers, dust storms are a common climatic phenomenon. Some tourists also love to enjoy mild spells of rain, adding freshness to the air of the place. However, both summers and winters have their own charm for oncoming tourists.

How to Reach

Different means of transport are available to escort tourists to Punjab from major cities of India. The high accessibility of this place has made it a preferred tourist destination in Amritsar. Tourists can select the means of transport depending on their budget and convenience.

  • By Road - Large number of bus and car service are available from metropolitan cities of India for convenience of tourists. It takes around 3 hours to reach Bhatinda from Delhi, covering a distance of 352 km.
  • By Rail - There are a large number of express trains connecting the important cities of India with Bhatinda.
  • By Air - There are no direct flights from Delhi to Bhatinda. However, tourists can take a flight to either Amritsar or Chandigarh. From the airport, taxis and bus services are available for tourists to escort tourists to Bhatinda.

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