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Inland Water Transport

Kerala state is also popular as Keralam and it courses through a coastline of approximately 580 kms. Water transportation department of Kerala state is a government body that is responsible for regulating its inland navigation system and it effectively caters to the needs of inhabitants. Kerala consists of non-major ports, seventeen in number, and one major port . Moreover, it is also effectively coddling with the requirements of waterlogged areas like Kottayam, Ernakulam, Kannur, Kasargode, Kollam, Alappuzha and Kottapuram situated on western coast canal. In true sense, water transportation department of Kerala is functioning similar to that of a service department, transportation being its main service. No. 3 National waterway is being utilized for the transportation of more than 120 lakhs of inhabitants.

Kochi is regarded as the major port and it is very well connected with hinterland, via NH49 and NH17. Its inland navigation is being regulated through the ground-breaking (KSINC) Kerala Inland and shipping Navigation corporation. It plays indispensable role in transit of innumerable passengers and cargo. State water transportation department provides the commercial conveying services within the state. The positive aspect of using its water conveying amenities is that they are very cost-effective and this is also one of the prominent reasons for being used frequently. Kerala tourism sector aims to serve all its tourists with wide horde of attractions and chief ones include- cruises, ferry services and houseboats. Water transportation department of Kerala state comprises of cross man-made canals, backwaters, navigable rivers and this is almost equivalent to 1890 kms of waterways. Most of its transit shipping is at Travancore-cochin area. At present, 41 out of 44 rivers of Kerala state get amalgamated with manmade canals and back waters. In this way, it is effectively serving the conveying needs of its inhabitants and regarded as indispensable constituent of inland water system.

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