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India is one of the countries that are popular as spices home. In fact, you cannot find any other country that can produce similar number of spices that are produced in India. The positive aspect is that Indian climate is best for all different kinds of spices. Spices are known for constituting the significant agricultural commodities group and they are playing an indispensable role in culinary art. Moreover, these are also regarded as significant commercial crops and they are being exported to various international countries and also used for the purpose of domestic consumption. Kerala is one of the places that are known for e-commerce and it is largely dependent on spice trade and commerce. There was an era when spices were traded all over the world and this was done for the purpose of achieving the authority over its land. One of the most significant beliefs is that  this spice trade was being done 3000 years back. Pepper is regarded as the Kerala spices king and this is one of the places that are very rich in cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, mace, nutmeg and ginger. If you go according to the past history, this place was regarded as world spice capital. Additionally, these spices are known for their best flavor and taste. Some of the most popularly used condiments are also used for other major purposes. In true sense, they are being used for the cosmetic and medicinal purposes. You will be getting to check out the 12 different spices varieties and these are inclusive of cardamom, coffee, ginger, vanilla, cinnamon, clove, pepper, garlic, nutmeg and tea and these are being cultivated in surrounding areas of Idukki.


Scientific Name- Elletteria Cardamom, Cultivation best altitude-1500 m, Temperature- 10 to 25 degrees centigrade, Propagation- Vegetative and seedlings propagation Pollinating agent- Honey Bee Harvesting season- From the month of October to month of February


It is having the scientific name as Vanilla Fragrans. Rainfall that will be required for its proper growth is 1500 to 3000 mm. Propagation is shoot cutting and it is having artificial pollination.

The flower rostellum will be pulled back and that will be pointed with the bamboo splinter. It will also comprise of over hanging anther and they will get pressed against stigma and that too with thumb. The best time for pollination is six to thirteen hours. Warm climate along with the seasonal rains will be required for the tropical orchids. Vanilla will be growing best in the un-cleared jungle and they will be getting filtered in sunlight.  These plants are creepers and they will be requiring the height support of 130 cm and it will start giving flower from third year. Bean will be taking ten to twelve months for reaching the full maturity period.


Its scientific name is Piper Nigrum. It is having the temperature tolerance of up till -10° C till 40° C. Rainfall required is 2500mm. Stem cutting is its propagation. Some of the significant varieties are- Kuthiravally, Karimunda, Balankotta, Arakkulam Munda, Kalluvally and Panniyur -. This plant will be growing best in humid and warm climate. Berries will get matured and they will be harvesting in approximately one hundred and eighty days. Sun is required for the production of black pepper and it will be taking three to five days for pepper to get matured. Later on, they will get separated through the spikes. Its outer skin will be removed and then seeds will get dried.


It is having the scientific name of Eugenia Caryophyllus. All the clove trees will begin to start giving the flowers in seven to eight years. All flower buds will start turning into pink color and it is essential to allow then to dry for approximately four to five days. Now, they will become very crispy and they will also have the dark brown color.


It is having the scientific name of Cinnamon Zeylanicum and they are ready for harvesting in approximately three years. It is essential to do the harvesting in every two years and that is mainly in May as well as November month. You will be required to dry this in sun for a period of two to five days. Now, they will be paced in the bundles for the purpose of trading. They are known for having the tender twigs and they will be used for oil extraction through the distillation process.


It is having the scientific name of Myristica Fragrans. The best part is that it will be bearing the fruits throughout year and its harvesting months are December and May. Nuts will start getting split open only when fruits will ripen. Now, it has red feather which will be removed and it will be flattened out and then it is essential to dry it in sun for ten to fifteen days. All nuts will be dried separately and this will continue for the period of four to eight days.


Ginger is regarded as one of the major spices that are being harvested in India and they are marketed as dried and fresh spices. Basically, this is one of the grassy plants and it is grown in every season all year. It is one of the crops that are famous for their texture, taste and flavor. Another important aspect of this ginger is that it is regarded as a taste maker and this is also a flavoring and appetizer agent.


Turmeric is considered -dried rhizome and it is present in herbaceous plant. It is regarded as one of the most famous beauty aid spices. This is also named as the Indian Saffron and it has been known to entire world from ancient times. It comprises of preservative and antiseptic properties and it is regarded as one of the best choices. It is also one of the effective ingredients that are present in cosmetics and medicines and poison antidote as well. It helps in curing of pigmentation and also maintains the pH factor. It also helps in purification of blood and it is regarded as best in whole world.

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