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Machattu Mamangam

Machattu Mamangam is a special festival held in the state of Kerala, held annually with much extravaganza. During the festivals, thousands of visitors throng the temple of Thiruvanikavu in the town of Vadakkancherry in Thrissur district of Kerala. This festival lasts for about 5 days, the last day of which is marked by much festivity. Pageantry and entertainment are marked in this festival of Machattu Mamangam. Kuthirakolams or giant horses are the primary attraction of the processions, which are carried out by people in the last day of the festival. People from all over the Southern India participate in this 5 day long festival, arranging their processions in much grandeur and splendour. This annual occasion is held every year during the third week of February.


Machattu festival is a five day festival, held every year in the month of February. It is dedicated to the gods in the temple of Machattu Thiruvanikavu located near Vadakkancherry in district of Thrissur. All the five days have plenty of devotees arriving in colourful dresses and procession with song and orchestras. Kuthirakolams or ornately decorated horse shaped structures are prepared for the procession, which is marked on the last day of the festival. In a grand procession, people arrive at the temple and offer their respective kuthirakolams to the Lord. The aim of the designed horses is to represent the respective villages in the region and these are offered with the belief that Goddess Bhagabathy showers blessings on the villagers and their houses. There are also large elephants draped in exotic decorations and march along with the people in the procession, where Chendamalam, a traditional musical percussion is played along. Various cultural programs are seen to be held during these 5 days and participated by villagers from surrounding regions. The music is quite special to the festival and keeps the spirits high and atmosphere lively.

Getting There

To reach Machattu village in Vadakkancherry in thrissur district of kerala, tourists and devotees can have the nearest railway station at Thrissur, which is about 21 kms from the village. Cochin international airport is at a distance of about 58 kms from Thrissur. Bus communications from Thrissur to the village is quite adequate and even people arrive in their personal vehicles.

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