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Kerala, a destination renowned world over derives its name from “Kera” or coconut. This is because this destination boasts of a large number of coconut trees dotting the landscape. Pristine beaches, serene backwaters, torrential monsoon showers and verdant fields, dense jungles with exotic flora and fauna are some of the attractions that make this place simply magical. Joyous celebrations and vibrant colors welcome tourists coming here with open arms.
This destination has been ranked as world’s top ten must visit destinations by a renowned travel magazine, the national geographic traveller. Vast expanse of clean beaches with white sands shimmering in sunlight, emerald coloured backwaters, verdant hill stations, blue lagoons, misty mountains, crisscrossing rivers, gently swaying palms, gushing streams, gigantic waterfalls, exotic wildlife and many such attractions make this destination truly desirable.
The state is aware about the need of ecotourism activities and strives hard to follow the principles of green tourism. They promote art, culture, festivals, dances, music, history, architecture, culture and cuisine besides their natural bounties.  


As per mythology and age old epics, Kerala seems to have originated way back during Satya Yug. As per these epics, this state came into existence when a famous sage, Parshurama threw his axe into the sea and as a result a narrow land strip came up from the bowels of this vast water body. Considered to be the sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu, Lord Parshuram threw his axe in great anger from Gokarnam. The land thus emerged is considered to have a blessing from Lord Varuna and Bhumidevi, God of Oceans and Goddess of the planet Earth respectively, thus referred to as “God’s Own Country”.


A vast coastline flanks the state of Kerala that is situated at the southernmost tip of the Indian Peninsula. On one side, the Arabian Sea is situated and on another Western Ghats flank this state. The coastline stretches to about 580 kilometres with its width varying ranging from 35 kms at some places to 120 kms at some other. The land gently slopes from the hills towards the coast. The area is dotted with palm trees and coconut trees. When moving from eastern direction to the west, the topography of this place changes significantly. As a result the terrain also shows distinctiveness. There are three regions, each distinct from another. There are hills and ravines, coastal regions and plains and midland.


The eastern side of the state is bordered by the Western Ghats and forms a wall that is interspersed at Palaghat or Palakkad. The height of this place is 1500 mt above the level of the sea.

Situated in the vicinity of the ghats, the strips and valets make the terrain unique from nearby areas. Coastal plain is flat without any upheavals.

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