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Sharavati Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Sharavati River flows in Karnataka, and this is the river where the jog falls are formed. The river itself is a rich space for biodiversity, and rich flora and fauna. The Sharavati river basin’s part is declared as a wildlife sanctuary. Gorgeous evergreen forests offer breathtaking scenery. The core zone and the buffer zone are divisions of this forest. Sharavati valley wildlife sanctuary, Karnataka, has temperature ranging from 15 to 38 degree Celsius. The tourists who seek secluded areas and love trekking can find this exotic forest a great option for holidays.


Sharavati valley wildlife sanctuary is located in Shimoga District’s Sagar. Situated 350 KM away from Bangalore, this sanctuary is situated near the jog falls. This sanctuary has the Sharavati valley region as a part of it, which is in the western border of Karnataka. The Sharavati promotes the sanctuary with its abundant water source. The Lingamuki reservoir takes 128.7 km of this sanctuary and the rest of the area is divided into buffer zone of 170.67 km and the score zone of 74.33 km. 57.53 km is dedicated for the tourism zone.

Flora and Fauna


The evergreen, semi evergreen and the deciduous forests are found in this sanctuary. The forest region is fortified with the Sharavati river water and hence tourists can find the thick forests offering a luring ambiance.


The endangered species of lion tailed macaque finds its refuge in this forest. Tiger, Black Panther, mouse deer, sambar deer, wild pig, common langur, porcupine, jackal, Malabar giant squirrel, wild dog, sloth bear, spotted deer, and bonnet macaque are found here. The reptiles found here are crocodile, king cobra, rat snake, python, and monitor lizard. The avifauna found here are racket tailed drongo, blue throated barbet, paradise flycatcher, Indian Lories, and lorikeets.  Myriads of butterflies can also be found in this sanctuary.

Best Time to Visit

To visit Sharavati valley wildlife sanctuary, November to May is the ideal season. The sanctuary is open for tourists throughout the year.


At the edge of the Lingamuki reservoir, Rest house is available. It is located near the jog falls in the midst of evergreen forest.

Visitor Information

  • Tourists can enjoy water sports in the backwaters of Sharavati River.
  • This is the ideal place for bird watching
  • Canoeing, kayaking, and wind surfing can be enjoyed here.
  • The ticket for entrance per head is Rs. 50. For foreign tourists it is Rs. 200.

How to Reach

By Air

The closest airport to Shimoga, where the Sharavati valley wildlife sanctuary is located is Hubli. This is 165 KM far from Shimoga. Mangalore airport which is 200 KM far from Shimoga, and Bangalore airport which is 274 KM away from Shimoga too can be used.

By Rail

Shimoga railhead is nearest. Many trains from Bangalore and Mysore regular connect this place.

By Road

It takes 6 hours by road from Bangalore to Shimoga, via Tumkur, Ariskere, Shimoga and Sagar.

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