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Ranebennur Blackbuck Sanctuary

Blackbucks are the very reason for the Ranebennur sanctuary to be declared one. This sanctuary has the eastern and western bits unconnected and hence has two portions. The scrub forests dominate the sanctuary, this is a nest for not only the blackbucks but also a few other mammals, which are endangered. With more than 6000 blackbucks, this sanctuary is the perfect zone for photo fanatics and the adventure freaks. Myriads of blackbucks can be found wandering, where tourists of Karnataka can enjoy the scenic beauty.


Ranebennur blackbuck sanctuary is located in the Haveri district of Karnataka. It is 301 km away from Bangalore, and it is 8 km far from Ranebennur. The core area of the sanctuary is about 15 km and the buffer area, where tourists are allowed is extended to 104.13 km.

Flora and Fauna


Until 1956 only the original vegetation like acacia and Carissa auriculata were found in this sanctuary. The forest authorities found the need to increase the vegetation and planted eucalyptus and indigenous spices. A few other plants and eucalyptus, which mainly dominates are found in the top layer. The middle and the lower layer of the sanctuary are acacia, catechu and various other plantations. The western portion is entirely covered by the scrub forests. Neem trees are also found in extensive amounts.


The blackbuck and the wolves are the mammals that are commonly found in this sanctuary. Wild pig, fox, jackal, langur, common mongoose and porcupine are few of the mammals found in this sanctuary. Of the popular birds, the great Indian bustard was commonly sighted here. This large cursorial bird was spotted in large numbers in the grass plain before 100 year. This was indiscriminately hunted. The bird was protected with stringent laws in 1970. Highest number of this bird found in this sanctuary is 14. But, since 2002 none of them were found, and considered as locally extinct. The other avifauna found here are peafowl, sirkeer, cuckoo, large grey babbler, black drongo and bay backed shrike.

Best Time to Visit

October to March is the best time to visit Ranebennur blackbuck sanctuary. The best time to spot the bustard is considered February to June.


A forest guesthouse is available in the buffer zone. Gnanagjala, the rest house of this sanctuary has 6 rooms and can accommodate 12 people. Tourists can also find the nature camp facilities with dormitories. Also, the hotels and lodges available in Ranebennur town can be used for accommodation.

Visitor Information

  • The tickets are Rs. 50 per head to go inside the sanctuary.
  • Own vehicles are allowed inside. Even jeeps can be taken.
  • With all the vehicles, the forest guards accompany for safety of the wild life and the tourists as well.
  • Jeep safari is offered by the forest department.
  • Trekking is not allowed in this sanctuary, but buffer area is free to roam about.

How to Reach


The closest airport which is 119 KM far off from Haveri is in Bellary.


Haveri can be reached through train from many metros like Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. From Bangalore Haveri can be reached through train in 7 hours.


Haveri can be found on the NH 4 highway towards Mumbai.

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