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Kaggaladu Heronry

Enjoy watching an exotic and rare variety of migratory birds at Kaggaladu Heronry in Karnataka. It’s a delight to watch Grey Herons and Painted Storks splashing in the pools here.

Kaggaladu Heronry is named after Kaggaladu, a serene and tiny village in Tumkur district nestled peacefully in Karnataka’s south-eastern zone. Many exotic and rare birds started visiting this place since 1999. Local inhabitants have been happily welcoming beautiful birds like Grey Herons and Painted Storks who live and breed here. Local inhabitants have also been trying to conserve the Heron not only for ecological reasons but also because they believe these birds herald prosperity.

The birds in Kaggaladu Bird Sanctuary come visiting for exactly six months from February to onset of July. They arrive here in batches to thrive during the time of nestling. As the month of August comes towards an end, they start flying back. This amazing bid sanctuary holds the credit of being the second largest haven of painted storks sanctuary in Southern India, the first being Kokkare Bellur sanctuary located in Mandya district of Karnataka. Bird watchers have seen migration of many foreign-origin birds also during nestling period.


Kaggaladu is situated some 9 km towards the north-west of Sira town. It lies on main road named Sira-Chengavara and was brought to the fore by an NGO named Wildlife Aware Nature Club based in Tumkur.


Kaggaladu Heronry is a well known destination for dominating flora comprising Tamarind (Tamarindus indica) and Indian Banyan (Ficus benghalensis) trees.


The topography of this area is arid in nature and the fauna comprises of blackbucks along with Great Indian Bustard. While the former animal is seen in significant herds, the latter is located not frequently.

Best Time to Visit

The most suitable time to visit Kaggaladu Heronry is from June to November.


There are a few budget hotels and accommodation within the vicinity of Kaggaladu Heronry that can be availed by tourists. Some of the prominent ones are:

Hotel Sri Nanjundeswara on B.H. Road, Tumkur that is 75 km away from Bangalore airport and just half a km away from Tumkur railways station. This hotel has all reasonable amenities. Then there are Sri Vigneshwara Comfort, Aralaguppe Hotel, Pavagada Fort Hotel, Dwaraka Hotel and Kalleshwara Temple Hotel that fall in the category of budget hotels.

Visitors’ Information

  • There are segregated parking zones that must be adhered to. The fencing around nests should be respected, lest not to disturb the birds. Eatable should not be thrown at birds. Cooking is not allowed in the bird sanctuary.
  • Tourists can also see historic Seebe temple at Seebe village.

How to Reach

By Road

The nearest town and the city to Kaggaladu Heronry are Sira and Tumkur respectively. It is located closest to National Highway No. 4 and is mere 120 km away from Bangalore from where it takes 3 hours by road.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is Tumkur City.

By Air

The closest airport is in Bangalore at a distance of 120 km.

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