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Nugu Wildlife Sanctuary

Nugu wildlife sanctuary offers breathtaking scenic beauty to the tourists who visit Karnataka. This is an ideal spot if you want to set foot in a place where you do not want view any modifications by the human hands. Still recovering from the initial degradation, this is no reason that should stop those who love to cast a look on the diverse flora and fauna of the state of Karnataka. If you visit Bandipur wildlife sanctuary, never miss a chance to peep in.


Spread across the area of 30.32 sq kms, the Nugu wildlife sanctuary is located in the Heggadadevankot taluk, Mysore district of Karnataka. This sanctuary comprises of Lakshmanpura state forest, and adjacent lands of sanctuary are to the north of Bandipur forest. A part of this sanctuary is formed by the backwaters of the Nugu dam. The South west border is too close to the Alaganchi state forest, which belongs to the Bandipur forest’s tiger reserve project.

Flora and Fauna


The flora of the Nugu wildlife sanctuary is as similar as the Bandipur National park, which is because they are situated closer to each other. The Nugu reservoir takes most of the part of the wildlife sanctuary and also the sanctuary, which has been declared one in 1974, is still recovering from the earlier degradation. This wildlife sanctuary has mixed and dry deciduous, and the scrub forests. Before it was declared a wildlife sanctuary, the villagers had been using it for grazing cattle and cutting firewoods. Fortunately, after 1972 the forest is slowly healing. Of the many species of flora, the weeds Lantana and Eupatorium are slowly spreading in this sanctuary.


The Nugu wildlife sanctuary nestles many animals, which include elephants, wild boar, Small Indian Civet, Jackal, Striped Hyena, leopard, tiger, sambar, sloth bear, common otter, bonnet macaque, pengolins, common mongoose and wild dogs. This sanctuary also homes marsh crocodiles, monitor lizard, rat snake and cobra. The avifauna of Nugu wildlife sanctuary offers a scintillating view of the various birds. During summers when the water level recedes, the area is filled with graze. Elephants can be spotted to feed on this.

Best Time to Visit

October to April is the ideal time to visit the Nugu Wildlife Sanctuary, which mostly enjoys the tropical climate.


There are no rest houses and accommodations in this sanctuary, but as it is closely situated to the Bandipur National Sanctuary, one find options there.

Visitor Information

  • The wildlife sanctuary is not still open for tourists.
  • If you had moved in without the knowledge of authorities, you may be in trouble, as no facilities for tourists are available.
  • You can enjoy the glimpse of this place and the Nugu dam.

How to Reach


The nearest airport to Nugu wildlife sanctuary is in Bangalore.


You can reach this sanctuary through rail by choosing the trains that travel to Mysore, which is the closest railhead.


Road transportation options are available from Mysore.

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