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Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary

Located at a distance of above 300 kilometres from Bangalore, Mandagadde has all the features to make it a quaint little village including a river, a forest and migratory birds. The key elements of attraction include the Gajanur Dam and the Elephant Camp apart from the 5000 birds which come every year during the season. The elephant camp is locally known as Sakrebayalu Elephant Camp and is situated at a distance of 15 kilometres from Mandagadde. An interesting activity here is the bathing of elephants which even the tourists are allowed to do. The Gajanur Dam is located another 5 kilometres away from Sakrebayalu and if one visits during the right time, then the boat and Coracle rides will be a pleasurable experience.


Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary is in the Mandagadde village, located about 30 kilometres from Shimoga town, in the Shimoga district of the state of Karnataka. The river Tunga flows past the sanctuary and it is the island formed by this river where the birds come and rest during the season. The sanctuary is spread over an area of 1.1.4 acres of land.

Flora and Fauna


The river Tunga which flows through the Mandagadde Sanctuary has created an island where the migratory birds form their nests and lay eggs. This island hosts a dense forest of evergreen trees, plants and creepers. The selection of the kind of tree for resting or building nests differs from one kind of bird to the other and is also an interesting thing to watch.


The Snake Bird, Median Egret, Darter, Little Cormorant are some of the most commonly seen birds in the sanctuary. The months of July to September are the peak for it is during this time that the birds lay eggs and can be spotted all the time. A watch tower is present for all bird lovers to enjoy the sight of the beauties perched on branches and engaged in their daily chores.

Best Time to Visit  

Since the peak season is between July and September, August is the ideal month to visit for unfailing attempts at viewing hundreds of birds.


The Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary does not have any accommodation options – it is best to stay at Shimoga which has plenty of hotels and resorts to choose from.

Visitor Information

  • Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary is also a good choice for trekkers and those interested in camping overnight.
  • Good walking shoes and comfortable clothing are better choices.
  • Local guides or in fact, villagers willing to guide tourists should be taken for better views and an overall better experience.
  • Boats are available for those willing to get a closer look.

How to Reach


Mangalore, located 140 kilometres away is the nearest domestic airport while 345 kilometres away, Bangalore is the closest international airport.


There are some railway stations nearby and the one closest is the Malur railway station at a distance of 11 kilometres, followed by the Bhadravati station 34 kilometres and the Shimoga station 40 kilometres away.


Mandagadde is on the way to Theerthahalli from Shimoga and is 30 kilometres from the latter. The place is well connected by roads and there are ample number of State owned buses and private cabs one can take.

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