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Brt Wildlife Sanctuary

BRT Wildlife Sanctuary forms a connecting link between with Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats. This sanctuary also provides extra activities which includes river rafting, trekking, bird watching etc. This is an interesting and ideal place for nature lovers to spend pleasant time with cool breeze blowing and in the shadows of trees. BRT Wildlife Sanctuary is also known for sacred groves, forest types and cultural sites.


BR hills are in the Kollegal taluka of Chamaranjanagar district of Karnataka. Located at the eastern edge of Western Ghats, this place has a rich variety of flora and fauna. It was created around the temple on 27 June 1974 with 322.4 sq km which was expanded to 539.58 sq km on 14 January 1987.


Being part of the South Deccan plateau, BR hills are covered with dry tropical broadleaf forests. It consists of a tall deciduous forest, which at its highest elevations has montane grasslands and shola forest exceeding 1800 meters. At lower elevations, the scrub forest has been degraded by over use. The forest is considered a connecting link between the Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats, which have the largest population of tigers and Asian elephants in southern India.


Herds of wild elephants are commonly found in BR Hills. Apart from them, mammals like chital, the rare four horned antelope, sambhar and the shy barking deer are also common here. There are 26 different species of mammals recorded in this sanctuary. It is also known for the largest bovines, gaur. Carnivores such as leopards, wild dogs, tiger, lesser cats and sloth bears are also recorded. There are 254 species of birds. A recent survey discovered that there is presence of 17 tigers in this forest and new discovered species include microhylid frog named Microhyla sholigari.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit BRT Wildlife Sanctuary is between February to May and October to December.


You can find resorts and jungle lodges in proximity. Staying at tented cottages is also an option here.

Visitors Information

  • There are various packages available for visitors. A log hut accommodation will charge you approximately Rs 6000 for Indians and Rs 8000 for foreigners.
  • Most packages here are inclusive of entry fees, lunch, breakfast, dinner, a guided nature walk, Jeep safari, camera fees and taxes.
  • Other activities include elephant rides, treks, bird watching and star gazing.

How to Reach


The nearest airport is at Bangalore, which is 220 km from BR Wildlife Sanctuary.


Chamarajanagar is the nearest railway station at a distance of 40 km.


Get to Bangalore and then drive down to Kollegala town. The sanctuary is 30 minutes away from Kollegala.

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