Wood Carving

Kashmir is known for its wood carving products due to its unique and unparalleled art work done on the best quality wood mostly cut from walnut trees. The wood carving in Kashmir has found its place worldwide due to the fine quality work and the natural wood sheen that adds up to this famous art work. This exquisite wood carving is done with thorough precision and has a specific human touch involved in each art piece. It is one of the most flourished cottage industries of Kashmir and is the art work that has been inherited over generations by the locals of Kashmir. This famous hand craft has its uniqueness due to the involvement of the distinguished craftsmanship but still it is now facing competition from the typically crafted machine carvings available all over the world. These machine carved wood work is cheaper and is supplied in bulk compared to this handcrafted work that needs good investment of time and talent to make it one of its kind. Still it has been found that art lovers opt for this exquisite art work and avoid that machine carved bulk produces.


Wood carving is in the roots of Kashmiri culture as it has been passed on through the generations. The wood carving has been very ancient form of art when people used to try their hands on these distinguished sculpting techniques. The walnut trees are mostly grown in Kashmir and it is usually a very soft wood that can be carved without any specific tool or machine. The availability of this soft wood and the art loving people gave rise to this wood carving art in Kashmir. The famous art flourished in 20th century but later on with globalization and technological revolutions, the machine crafted wood work reduced its demand by offering cheaper substitutes. Though experiencing odds due to the bulk supply from overseas market, the art has still kept itself alive in the hearts of locals and the art lovers all over the world.


The wood carving art is the skilled art and has been practiced over years. The selection of the right quality wood is the first step towards the initializing of this art. The soft wood with natural sheen is preferable as it offers great finishing to the finished product. The carving should be started after properly studying the wood grains. The wood is strongest along the grains and is weak across it. Hence, the design selection for the carving should have delicate designs along the grains and not across the grains. Once the design and figure is selected, the wood carver finds the log of wood that is exactly the size of the figure to be carved. The selection of the wood and its type may then initiate the requirement of the right tools. The chisels, knives and gouges can be used for the carving. The selection of chisels and gouges may mainly depend on the type of figure. The different sizes of the gouges are required based on the fineness of the figure that needs to be carved. The carver first cuts the wood in the basic outer shape of the figure. The knife is used to cut the small sized wood pieces while the larger pieces are cut with the help of saw. Once the basic outline is prepared, the next step is to carve the fine lines with the help of the chisel. The entire process requires skillful art and that is what the locals of Kashmir are famous for.

Wood Carving Products

The product range for the wood carving is quite wide and includes many products starting from small sized show pieces to the large furniture pieces. The decorative pieces carved in the form of flower motifs, animal figures, human figures, jewellery boxes and other such famous objects are available. The furniture objects like wood carved tables, doors, cabinets, chairs, dressing units, hanging mirrors and picture frames are also popular all over the world. Some of these wood carving product ranges may also include magazine holders and letter boxes made with the best quality wood.

Wood Carving Care

Wood carved products are good to adore and make the fine piece of furniture too but the appropriate care of the product may ensure the long life and new like look forever. The products made from soft wood may get easily damaged and hence it is advisable to keep these products away from any type of blows and drops. The water may also damage these products, so one should try to avoid prolonged contact of these products with water. Regular polishing of the product would protect it from termites and also offer the natural sheen forever. The regular cleaning with dry cloth is advisable to keep these wood carved objects clean and shining.

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