Kashmir is a place that doesn’t need any introduction. The state is a rich, cultural heritage with an abundance of art, religion, crafts, music and attire. The deep rooted traditional values of the state give us the glimpse of their fondness for food, music, culture and attire. The clothing of the Kashmir is the expression of its unique social cultural ethos of the state.

“Pherans” is the Kashmiri attire that is the most enduring look of the Kashmiri culture. It is the customary attire of the place that expresses the craftsmanship and tradition of the local artists.

For years, the residents of Kashmir old and young, women and men have worn this Pherans – it is a long robe that protects the residents of the Kashmir from the harsh climate. Pheran is the combination of a loose fitting overcoat and a gown that is usually worn during the chilly winters. The fabric is entirely designed out of a wool material and after when it is stitched, it is embroidered with different floral patterns that have been forwarded from one generation to another.

Kashmiri women’s Pherans are bit different, they have wider sleeves and have feminine embroidery done whereas men have a narrow sleeves and this attire is usually plain with chest open collar. Earlier, this attire used to be long but with the passage of time, it is available in short patterns and with a good fitting. The decorated Pherans are an integral part of the Kashmiri bride’s trousseau.

Origin and History

As per the archaeological evidence that was found, it is believed that there are specific historical facts that indicate the usage of woolen cloaks, leather accessories and the attires that bear the resemblance to Pherans. The inspiration to make a dress was to make clothing that is ideal for Kashmiri chilly weather.

The most unique concept imbibed in this Pherans is that it is worn by both men and women. However, women’s Pheran are honed with exquisite colorful embroidery whereas for men, it is kept simple.

Style Varieties

This beautiful Kashmiri Pherans comprises of 2 robes placed on top of another. These robes are normally embellished with beautiful floral embroidery that gives a rich, elegant look to the wearer.

The Pherans worn by the Muslim women are narrow sleeves and tailored to the knee length while the one worn by Hindu Kashmiri women are ankle length fit. Goat or Yak skin is used as the layering inside the attire to keep the chills at bay.

Initially, these Pherans were designed in several vibrant colors like blue, yellow, green, orange and red. With the change in fashion there were more colors used with different combination and styling to give a new wearing variation to the residents of Kashmir.

Kashmiri Accessories to Wear with Pherans

“Kasaba” is ultimate silver head gear accessory that give a real boost to the Pherans attire. It is stitched as a turban fashion and pinned around the head with silver trinkets that are round in shape. Apart from this, there are several differing kinds of silver jewelry worn by the women to enhance the beauty of their outfit such as anklets, earrings, bangles, necklaces etc.

Global Appealing Attire

For over several years, Kashmiri styles and fabrics have been in great demand and it still continues to be in vogue. The attire especially the Pherans are popular across the globe since it has been widely exhibited through Indian cinemas. Travelers who visit the state make sure to buy one, or get a picture wearing the same since it is a Kashmiri charm that one can practically feel wearing it.

Pherans Always in Demand

Usually Pherans are in demand during the chilly winters, but these days the attire adorns the wardrobes since it is worn on different occasions such as weddings. This apparel retains its charm to not only the residents of the Kashmir but the visiting travelers find it appealing to buy or they would wear it and get the picture taken.

Shopping From Kashmir

Kashmir state is popular for a variety of things and Pherans is the most popular choice that people love to buy and take the memory back home. Almost every traveler that visits the place make sure to get at least one of this attire to his/her home. The reason the Pherans are the most shopped items compared to others is its exclusive embroidery, the fabric that is designed to make this attire, all these you won’t find elsewhere. Secondly, it is easy to carry and travel compared to other stuff that you buy. These attires are widely available in different sizes and colors to choose from, so this way you can get your own favorite to wear. With this you can also buy matching jewelry to get the exact Kashmiri look.

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