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Silk And Tweaks Of Kashmir

India is a big country with so many diversities in terms of culture, religions, languages, food, apparels and much more. Known for its rich heritage, the country is ahead with when it comes to fashion. It is one exclusive country that produces varieties of fabrics. Silk, the queen of the fabrics, is historically India’s one of the most important industries. Amongst many states of India, Kashmir stays ahead when it comes to silk and tweaks. The sericulture industry today employs hundreds of families and mostly in Kashmir. Kashmir accounts for about 60% of the country’s total silk production.

India is the 2nd largest producer of the silk contributing to the 15% of the world’s production and Kashmir plays a vital role in producing the majority of the silk and tweaks. The strength of the industry lies in its wide base and the infrastructure created by researching and training capabilities.

History of Silk & Tweaks

The silk trade flourished in Kashmir during the medieval period. Silk from Kashmir were exported majorly by the Moors, who during 14th and 15th era transmitted to the Europe. The British then recognized the qualitative shortcomings and tried to improve by bringing in the experts to modernize the reeling techniques.

However, the silk industry badly suffered between the years 1875 to 1915 due to the occurrence of the perinea diseases and the loss of raw silk crops. After the Independence, there was a major boost witnessed in the production of the silk textiles in the Kashmir.

Presently in India, Mulberry silk is widely produced and sold and the major one to cultivate is Kashmir state. It is said that about 99% of the total Mulberry silk is produced by Kashmir alone itself.

Kashmir Silk and Tweaks

The state produces about 100000 kg of raw silk every year. Because it has a favorable climate for rearing silk worms, the silk production has witnessed a good amount of boost. Majorly, the producers of Kashmir are from Doda, Anantnag, Udhampur, Baramula, Jammu and Riasi. Kashmir has about 1035 handlooms and 150 power looms and primarily produces white plain silk called “Tabby”.

The silk produces are widely exported to the European countries, Middle East and African countries. Recently, there was a slightest shortfall in the quantity of the exports but it has regained its value in the global markets.

The Kashmiri artisans generate a huge range of silk produces including sarees and silk fabrics. Kashmir silk and tweaks are some of the products that are invariably high on the shopping list for all those who are visiting the state. However, tweed weaving and sericulture are counted to be the most significant livelihood of the Kashmir. Kashmir takes pride in rearing an exclusive and the best cocoon. The Kashmir silk products are known for its quality and exported across the globe. The silk and tweaks of Kashmir count as one of the best in the world.

The cocoons reared in the state are exceptionally finest of the fine. Therefore, the silk woven from this particular thread become extremely valuable. Besides from this, the renowned silk weaves from this silk thread are “Crepe de Chine” and “Chinon”. Kashmiri tweak on the other hand is a woven with pure wool. Developed out of imported techniques, the Kashmiri tweaks are the best match that you can find in the world.

Kashmiri Silk Makes

Kashmir and silk go hand in hand. The fabrics that are designed by the people of Kashmir using silk are honed with amazing craftsmanship. There are silk shawls, carpets, rugs, wall pieces, sarees, Kurtis, wedding wear and much more. There is a huge range of variety to choose from whether it is your picking from the home furnishing category or clothing. Designed with out of the world designs, they look so impeccable and fine without a single flaw to find with it.

Not to worry if you are not able to personally visit and buy, since there are a lot of online portals selling Kashmiri silk stuff. Though there will be limited edition in the range, but you would surely get something of your kind to buy for yourself or for your home. These silk pieces are amazing creative art work; hence they make excellent gifting items rather an extraordinary gifting product that a receiver will always cherish.

Apart from this, if you are buying it for your own self or for your house, these are going to be an eye catchy home décor item that is surely giving you envious stares.

Kashmir state is packed with an abundance of natural beauty and exquisite craftsmanship, silk and tweaks stay ahead of them all. The demand is rising, since it is a rare thing that you don’t find it everywhere. The Indian silk industry is major role playing in the global markets. With further technological and research and encouragement, Kashmir plays a vital role in furthering the silk production.

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