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Sukhna Lake

Sukhna Lake is the large and beautiful manmade lake that is part of the beautiful city of Chandigarh. This lake was formed in 1958 that was made out of the dam Sukhna Choe. The lake is 18 feet deep when made initially and expands in an area of 3 sq. km. The meaning of word Sukhna is “a fulfilled wish”. Spending the evening on the lake side is a mesmerizing experience. The area around the lake is eye-soothing.

The Corbusier proclamation has been erected at the way into Sukhna Lake. The proclamation says “The creator of this beautiful city of Chandigarh has also created this eye-catching man made Sukhna Lake and also a dam that makes this city even more beautiful. The area around this lake is very calm and peaceful”.

The curved path all along Sukhna Lake sees numerous visitors through out the day. Spending a day at Sukhna Lake is also a romantic experience. This place is loved by people of all ages from children to old people. The boulevard along the lake is best place to take a romantic walk for young couples and sitting on the benches on the pathway is enjoyed by the old couples.

At Dawn

In the wee hours of early morning as the sun spreads its shine in the lake, joggers come to start their day.

The wetness on the grass is considered to be beneficial if young kids stroll bare foot on it. The calmness along the path of Sukhna Lake is also favorable for practicing meditation.
The birds, which at various times throughout the year, migrate to this lake are Siberian Duck, Cranes and Storks. These birds can be mostly seen in the winter season.

Early morning sees joggers and young crowd, while during the day time students come here to spent so time with their books beneath the shades of trees. Early evening time sees families spending time here and enjoying family picnic while during night, couple are seen taking romantic walks in the cool breeze that flows around the lake.

The Evening

The lake in the evening sees number of visitors who come to spend some enjoyable time with their families and loved ones. The food court around the lake is another attraction since one can have all the varieties of food from various shops and street hawkers near the lake. The boat ride is also another attraction. Simple rowing boats and jetty boats are available on rent. Small rides like mini train etc are available for kids to enjoy their time.

Many of the festivals are also celebrated in the vicinity of Sukhna Lake. The favorites among the various festivals are the Mango festival where a large variety of different kinds of Mangoes are exhibited. The festivals of other states are also celebrated with all pomp and show. These festivals are accompanied with the traditional and cultural shows.

The membership is also available at Sukhna Lake for those want to use the gym, swimming pool and tennis court. The Lake proximity also has a golf course; towards the south is a small zoo while in the west direction is the Rock Garden.

Best Time to Visit

The months from November to March are considered to be the most visited time to Sukhna Lake since the weather conditions during that time is favorable for outdoor activities. The temperature during these months is from 20 to 25 degree Celsius.


The street hawkers are available all around the lake.


The lake can be visited anytime during the day or night. Taking early morning walk or evening walk is the best enjoyable moment by the people who come here.

Hotels near Sukhna Lake

Hotels within 3 kilometers of Sukhna Lake

  • Taj Chandigarh
  • Hotel Kailash Palace
  • Hotel City Heart - 18
  • City Plaza 7
  • Hotel City Heart Premium
  • Icon A Boutique Hotel
  • The Lalit Chandigarh

Hotels within 4 kilometers of Sukhna Lake

  • Hometel Chandigarh
  • Park Plaza Chandigarh
  • City Plaza -17

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