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Chandigarh is the city of India which serves as the capital of the states of Punjab and Haryana. The city of Chandigarh is the first planned city of India and is known internationally for its architecture and clean environment.

History of Minizoo

One of the prominent tourist spots in Chandigarh is the “Minizoo”. Minizoo is the must visit spectacle in Chandigarh. The zoo paints a marvellous picture of a beautiful home for animals along with the magnificent ecological surroundings. Minizoo was opened in 1975 and is spread over 100 acres of land as a part of Raj Bhavan. Since the seventies the visitors to Chandigarh ensured the Minizoo to be their definite go in the checklist.


It is very closely located to the rock garden and the lake. The Minizoo represents the smaller version of Chhatbir zoo in Chandigarh which came into existence much later. However with time and the development of Chhatbir zoo which is the zoological park in Chandigarh spread over 250 acres of land, the importance of Minizoo started diminishing.

Main Attraction

The royal Bengal tiger is the main attraction here. The Minizoo was the first zoo in Chandigarh where the first royal Bengal tiger gave birth to a cub.

Life at Minizoo

The animals roam freely here and the tourists have to travel in caged cars along with the trained driver. The travellers can enjoy the close-ups of animals by sitting in the caged cars without any fear. Minizoo has approximately 100000 visitors on an average visiting annually. There are about 500 animals and birds of different species.

Near the exit of Minizoo, the authorities have built a small “Minizoo shopping complex” for the visitors after having finished the entire tour. The complex has few animal rides, shops for various souvenirs and food court. There are trainers assigned for every species to show their talent and entertain the visitors. The entire area is kept very clean and hygienic and utmost care is taken with regards to the health of the animal. Minizoo also has doctors stationed in the vicinity itself in case of emergencies.

The Minizoo is the perfect outing for localities as well for its scenic beauty and beautiful gardens. The small water body in the Minizoo is one of the major attractions where they can go for mini boat rides. The best season to visit the mini zoo is during winters for its pleasant climate during the daylight. Many film shootings have happened at the Minizoo due its picturesque landscape.

Professional photographers and zoologists are found almost every day here for their various research activities. Being located in the heart of Chandigarh the conveyance is very easy for both the tourists as well as the localities.

The variety of various species along with the varied options of rides, shopping, eating and most of all the scenic beauty makes this place one of the top tourist spots in Chandigarh

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