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Harballah Sangeet Sammelan

Harballah Sangeet Sammelan is regarded as the oldest festival in the category of Indian classical music in the world. The first festival was held in the district of Jalandhar in 1875. It has been held every year ever since at the Samadhi of Baba Harballah, a famous exponent of classical music and also a famous saint. The event has been recognized as one of the national festivals of India by the Government of India. This is the 138th year of the Harballah Sangeet Sammelan.

Significance of the Festival

The Harballah Sangeet Sammelan is the pride of the people of Punjab and is a matter of great admiration and sheer devotion to the participants and the audience. It aims to preserve the rich tradition of Indian classical music. The festival provides the perfect platform for exponents of classical music to showcase their talents. The festival is also a great source of education and encouragement for students of this form of music.

Date of Harballah Sangeet Sammelan

The Sammelan is held in the month of December every year from 27th to 30th. Top proponents of classical music from all over the country mark these dates in their schedule long before the event to make sure they do not miss it. This year, a music competition, which will be held from 25th to 27th December, will precede the Sammelan.

Celebration of Harballah Sangeet Sammelan

The Sammelan is celebrated with gusto and gaiety, as the whole venue transforms itself into a huge congregation of music lovers, teachers and performers. The Sammelan will be preceded by the music competition, which starts from Dec 25-27. Around 40,000 music enthusiasts attend this iconic festival every year, not only from India but from across the world. The festival attracts around 40,000 music lovers from all over the India and abroad every year. Not surprisingly, the crowd is increasing with every passing year. The Sammelan gives music lovers the golden opportunity to meet many famous artists on one platform. It is a great chance to hear such renowned musicians live every year.

The Importance of the Harballah Sangeet Sammelan

The 138-year old tradition of live classical music rendering by some of the most revered name in Indian classical music is one of most eagerly awaited events in Punjab. The event is covered live by national and international media, FM stations, internet and other forums extensively on all the days. In 1919, even Mahatma Gandhi visited the Sammelan along with Pundit Vishnu Digamber, founder of the Gandharva Mahavidhyalaya and who sang the original version of the bhajan Raghupati Raghava Rajaram. The Sammelan is also graced every year by various dignitaries, Union ministers, State chief ministers, Governors and other ministers.

Harballah Sangeet Sammelan Competition

The competition, part of the Sammelan, is divided into four categories, such as vocal shastriya sangeet, vocal sugam sangeet, non-percussion instrument and percussion instrument. The competition is divided further into two age groups of up to 16 years and above 16 to 25 years. There are three prizes for each category. Winners from the senior category are given the chance to take part as performing artists in the next year.

Harballah Utsavs

In an attempt to promote the rich culture and tradition of Indian classical music among the present generation, the Harballah Sangeet Sammelan organizes seminars known as Vasant Hemant and Malhar Utsav. These programs are conducted every year by the Shree Baba Hariballah Sangeet and Research Academy in the months of February, August and October.

Harballah Bhawan

A building to house The Shree Baba Hariballah Sangeet and Research Academy is in the process of being constructed and is expected to be completed soon.

Baba Hariballah Sangeet Awards

These awards are given away to honor musicians for their contribution to promoting Indian classical music. Named the Hariballah Sangeet Samman, Hariballah Lifetime Achievement Award and Sangeet Sewa Award, they come with a citation.

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