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Sri Uttara Swamy Malai Mandir

Shri Uttara Swami Malai temple or Malai Mandir is the combined temple of Sri Karpaga Vinayakar, Sri Swaminatha Swami, Devi Meenakshi and Sri Sundareshwarar. This temple represents the glory of south Indian temples and reflects the strong and intricate architecture that defines them. This temple is also a pleasant representation of the South Indian style of temple design. The beauty of this temple attracts a huge number of people here from all the parts of India as well as from abroad. Now days this temple has become a popular attraction of Delhi.

Malai Mandir is placed on the prosperous Palam Marg of Delhi. This shrine is dedicated to Lord Swaminatha who is well known by the name of Lord Murugan. Lord Murugan is most respected by the Hindus of Tamil, kannada, Telgu communities.

About the Temple

Uttara Swami Malai temple is a Hindu temple which is dedicated mainly to Lord Swaminatha who is worshiped as a Presiding idol of the temple. However, this temple is also a place of reverence for other Gods of Tamil, Telgu communities.

The main premise of this temple is formally known as Swami Temple, in which there is a workroom sanctorum of Lord Swaminatha. This temple is located on the top of a small hummock from where one can see all of R.K. Puram and Vasant Vihar of New Southern Delhi. It was designed according to the tradition of Murugan Temple, which is also located on hills. Outside the temple is a sign of Lord Swaminatha in Tamil and the motto of Swaminatha is carved, which says Yaamirukka Bayamain which means ‘Why to fear when I am here’. This temple is a redolent of the architecture of a South Indian temple by the name of Chola.

Uttara Swami Malai Temple has been entirely constructed of granite. There is also a temple of Lord Sri Karpaga who is the elder brother of Lord Swaminathan and his father Sri Sundareshwar and the mother of Lord Swaminatha Devi Meenakshi. These secondary temples of premises of Uttara Swami Malai Temple were constructed in the idea taken from Pandya style, which is the common architecture style of South Indian temples.


  • The foundation stone of this temple was kept by M. Bhakthavatsalam, on September 8 of 1965. He was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. There was a huge function organized under the supervision of Prime minister of India Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri.
  • The main temple of Lord Swaminatha of Uttara Swami Malai temple was constructed in 1973 on 7th of June and at that time Mahakumbhabhishekham was performed.
  • On 13th June 1990 the temples of Sri Karpaga Vinayakar, Sri Sundareswarar and Devi Meenakshi were constructed and on that pious occasion Mahakumbhabhishekham was performed. On the same day For Lord Swaminatha Jeeranoddharana Kumbhabhishekham was also performed.
  • The Navagraha temple i.e. temple of nine planets was constructed along with a small temple for Idumban Swami was constructed on July 13 in 1995.
  • The Adi Sankara hall was inaugurated on November 9, 1997.
  • On July 27 in 2001 by H.H Kanchi Kamakoti Peethadhipati Sri Jayendra Saraswati Swamigal the third Punaruddharana, Astabandhana and Swama Rajatha Bandhana Mahakumbhaishekham of temples was performed.

Architecture of Temple

The temple of Lord Swaminatha has a unique structure and it has one special feature, which makes it different from other pious places. This temple has been brought together. It has not been constructed with brick and mortar. There is no cement work or mortar gone into the assembling of stones. The stones, which are huge in size and more than 900 in number, have only been assembled together. No machine is used to bring all the stones together to hold the sacred place till date. The temple is constructed in south Indian Structure.


The temple is open for visitors all day long and all days of the week. There is no entrance fee and it takes 2-3 hours to visit the whole place. The opening time of temple is 6 am in the morning and remains open till 11 am. Again in the evening the temple opens at 5 pm till 9 pm.

How to Reach

The temple is situated in RK Puram, which lies in southern west Delhi. It is at a distance of 3 km from Dhaula Kuan Metro station. Autos and rickshaws are available from the station to the temple.

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