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Bhaironath Temple

Baba Bhaironath Temple is located near Pragati Maidan, just behind the old fort in New Delhi. The temple is dedicated to an avatar of Lord Shiva who is worshipped by the devotees as Bhairon Devta. It was constructed during the time of Pandavas and is very unique in character.

Devotees offer rum and whiskey to please Bhairon Devta. It is a prominent belief of the devotees that by offering liquor to Lord Shiva they can please him and get their wishes fulfilled. Devotees offer the finest quality whiskey and rum to this avatar of Lord Shiva.

Later on, the liquor is distributed among devotees as part of prasad (holy food). To get the blessings of divine soul here, you need to taste a bit of the liquor, which is considered sacred by devotees of Lord Bhairon all over the world. People have a very strong faith on Bhairon Devta and every year the place is frequented by a large number of tourists.

Structural Style of Bhaironath Temple

It is one of the most visited tourist spots in the capital city of India. The uniqueness of the temple has secured it a permanent place in the global map of tourism. It is not only a place of pilgrimage for tourists, but it is also a place of reflection about the culture of India. Visiting Bhaironath Temple helps the tourists to get a glimpse of spirituality and cultural understanding. The architectural style of this temple is simple but is unique. The temple is rectangular and is placed on a raised platform. There are many steps in the centre of the temple, which opens up in a verandah with multiple ornamental arches.

The roof of the temple is flat and is covered with a shikhara or pinnacle. The multiple arch openings look highly attractive to the visitors. These multiple arch openings are supported by intricately carved and decorated columns, which are beautiful and exquisite. The roof of the temple has lot of intricate detailing done adding more elegance to the attractive temple. It is not only a place of worship but has also become an important place for tourists for the purpose of recreation and to take a plunge in the beautiful creation of the Pandavas.

Significance of Temple

Bhaironath Temple was built by Pandavas in ancient days, while creating their capital called Indraprastha. Ever since, the temple has secured an important place in Hindu Theology.

This temple is visited by a large number of devotees all through the day. A visit during the daytime may make it look like a normal temple but only under the moonlight can one see the soulful beauty of this place. The night transforms this temple into a divine and highly esoteric arena. The evening aarti held here is also divine. At this time, a large container is placed here, which is full of alcohol, which is then distributed among the visitors.

The mesmerizing ambience of this temple has a powerful effect on some people. They sway under the magic of the chants, alcohol, lights and darkness. All of these have a captivating effect on all those who are present in the temple.

During festivals like Shivratri, the temple is decorated with lights and flowers and it looks like a celestial body in the darkness of the night. The religious fervor of here people is reflected in the way the locals participate in making each and every festival in the temple a success.

Many history and art lovers also come to visit the temple to enlighten them, as the temple is a storehouse of ancient Hindu scriptures.

Tourist Hub at Bhaironath Temple

While tourists throng Bhaironath Temple throughout the year, the number rises during festivals like Shivratri and Navratri. Mornings in the temple start with a ritual bathing of the Shiva lingams and prayers where a large number of visitors flock the temple.

Devotees from different parts of the world come in large numbers to offer prayers, milk and even Bel leaves to the temple. The temple door remains open throughout the day for visitors where people come around four times a day to offer prayers to the avatar of Lord Shiva. The temple is decorated with lights and flowers adding divinity to the ambience.

A large numbers of processions are held by the local people to celebrate festivals here. This is also the time when many tourists throng to the temple to participate and enjoy the festive flavor of the capital city.

Songs and dance are an important tool for the expression of joy and happiness for devotees visiting Bhaironath Temple. It has been accorded an important place in Hindu culture and it has become a significant hub for tourists too.

Bhaironath is a fiercer avatar of Lord Shiva. So devotees love to seek his blessings on various occasions by making a visit to the temple. It is not only Hindus but people from other religions also love exploring treasures of art and culture at Bhaironath Temple.

How to Reach

Delhi is well connected with major cities of India with properly maintained roads and railways. Tourists have to cover a distance of around 2.5 km from Mata Vaishno Devi shrine to reach Bhaironath Temple.

Pilgrims make it a point to visit this temple after visiting Mata Vaishno Devi temple to complete their pilgrimage. A Large numbers of tourist also come from Ban Ganga to visit Bhaironath Temple. It takes around 31 hours for the tourist to cover the distance of around 2100 km. However, there are regular trains to Delhi, which escort tourists from different parts of India to the capital city.

From the New Delhi airport large number of bus services and car services are available to escort tourist to the Bhaironath Temple. It will take around half hour for the tourist to cover the distance of 21 km between the temple and Indira Gandhi National Airport. Tourist can also hire car service from Nizammuddin railway station to reach the temple covering the distance of 9 km in around half hour.

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