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Iskcon Temple

Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathi Mandir generally known as ISKCON Temple Delhi is a famed Vaishnav (Devotion to Vishnu) temple specifically dedicated to the Lord Krishna and Radharani (in the shape of Radha Partha Sarathy). Inaugurated in the year 1998, the Temple is located on Hare Krishna Hills, which is in the East of Kailash Region of New Delhi.

ISKCON Temple was built and designed by respected architect Achyut Kanvinde. In the year 1993, he agreed to a pro-bono commission for building the temple compound for the devotees of Srila Prabhupada. Today, ISKON temple has become one of the biggest temple compounds in India. It consists of a number of rooms for its priests and for others who render services to the temple. It also consists of several halls that are being utilized for administration purposes.


ISKON is The International Society for Krishna Consciousness, which is more commonly known as Hare Krishna or the Hare Krishna movement. ISKON is a Vaishnava Hindu religious organisation and community. It was created in the year 1966 in The United States of America by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. The core beliefs of the organization are based upon certain traditional Hindu scriptures, especially the Srimad Bhagavata and the Bhagavad-Gita. The unique form of the movement, the organization and its culture are derived from the Gaudiya Vaishnava traditions, which have had ardent followers throughout India from as early as the latter part of the fifteenth century and has had Western converts in the United States as early as the early nineteen hundreds and in the United Kingdom in the nineteen thirties.

ISKCON as an organization and a community was originally created in order to expand the practice of bhakti yoga. In this form of Yog all those who aspire to become devotees (Called bhaktas) dedicate all their thoughts and their actions towards the singular objective of gaining the favour of the Supreme Lord, Krishna. ISKCON today has expanded into a worldwide confederation consisting of more than 400 centres, 60 self sufficient farm communities, 90 restaurants and 50 schools.

The Temple Complex

The entire complex has six divisions, each contributing in an independent fashion to the purposes of the ISKON.

In the entire complex, it is the primary structure of the temple itself which is the centre of attraction for devotees. The primary temple is devoted to the worship of the Lord Krishna and Radha. Over ninety eight feet over the hilltops of the Hare Krishna Hills, the unique and beautiful latticed towers of the temple mix traditional Indian architectural styles and more modern architectural styles, to form something that cannot be seen anywhere else in Delhi. The inlays of the temple consist of carved stone, marble and wood. The artistry of the temple is reminiscent of the beauty that the artisans of ancient India were capable of producing. The structure is a true homage to the Lord Krishna.

Beyond the Temple structure itself, the Museum of Vedic Culture is also a major attraction for tourists, devotees and students of history and culture. The museum exhibits various fundamentals of our Vedic heritage. It showcases the philosophical and the cultural aspects of Vedic Traditions, utilizing things as simple as ordinary exhibits and dioramas, and as complex as sophisticated multimedia program. Indeed, the whole temple complex is a showcase of India and humanity across the ages.

The Centre for Vedic Studies is an important haunt for serious student of Vedic tradition and culture. The centre conducts seminars, classes and conferences. The centre also has a Library for Vedic Research which has a broad and finished collection of literature pertaining to the Vedas, both in Indian and foreign languages. The centre also offers programmes for those potential Vedic Scholars still in school.

The Complex also contains the Vedic Centre for Performing Arts. Over here regular performances are conducted in an open air amphitheatre, just opposite and facing the Primary Temple of Lord Krishna and Radha.

The Ashram (religious hostel) within the complex is the true heart and soul of the area. Indeed it is the knowledge and wisdom of the residents that makes ISKON Temple a place of enlightenment, knowledge and peace.

Finally the Krishna Jayanti Park provides the perfect settings within which spirituality can be pursued. Waterfalls, groves, ponds and gardens are the heart of the complex, creating tranquil surroundings which all can enjoy.

Address and Location

ISKON temple is situated in the East of Kailash. The best way to reach there would be to take a bus along the inner ring road or the BRT corridor. The nearest metro station is Kailash Colony from where one can catch an auto-rickshaw to get to the temple.

The address of the Temple is
1 Hare Krishna Hill,
East of Kailash,
St Nagar, East of Kailash,
New Delhi, DL 110065, India

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