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Shri Badri Bhagat Jhandewalan Temple Karol Bagh

Shri Badri Bhagat Jhandewalan Temple is located in midst of the country’s largest and most chaotic market hubs, Karol Bagh. This temple is a pillar of immense faith and belief not only for the locals but also for travellers coming from all over the country. This temple is located on Jhandewalan Road, which was known even during the times of Mughals, especially Shah Jahan who gave the road its name.

Even amidst busy vehicular traffic on this busy road, the temple observes hundreds of heads bowing down in gratitude every day. Maa Adi Shakti, the main goddess of the temple is a reincarnation of Goddess Durga. The goddess represents win of good over evil. Adi Shakti is the most powerful of all forms of the goddess. She adorns the red colour and symbolizes unlimited power and righteousness.

Structure of the Temple

The original idol of Maa Shakti lies in at basement of the temple in a cave. Therefore, the goddess is also known as the ‘goofa wali mata’. The temple resides inside a walled structure, completely made of white stone. The temple top converges into a peak made of brass. There are almost four gates used as entrance for the temple. One of the gates is Ganesh Dwar ,which has a Ganesh idol on top of the arch. There is also a Shiva temple in vicinity. Jhandewalan Temple has a pleasant and peaceful sit out place where devotees can spend time after visiting the temple.

History of the Temple

According to popular belief, Maa Adi Shakti had descended her presence on this place hidden in a mountainous terrain. The most loyal and faithful believer of Maa Adi Shakti, Shri Badri Bhagat once dreamt that this place had embraced her presence and he constructed a temple here. From the times of Shah Jahan, this temple was offered flags as a way of prayer and offering. Hence came the name Jhandewalan.    

Significance of the Temple

Despite the fact that it is a Hindu temple, the belief of this temple is so immense that it witnesses visitors from all castes and creed. It is said that this temple fulfils all wishes. Jhandewalan Temple attracts devotees all year round and locals gather for grand Navratri celebrations. During Durga Puja festival, the temple is decorated in an impressive manner and arrangements are made befitting the traditions of Durga Puja. The temple is highlighted with flowers and lighting arrangements are all over the place. Prasaad is distributed on a large scale and every one participates with love and respect towards the goddess.

Timings of the Temple

  • Morning time: 4:30 am to 3:30 pm
  • Evening time: 4: 30 pm to 10:00 pm

How to Reach

Delhi is an internationally and nationally connected city and New Delhi can be reached by taking a metro or by a bus. There are also hired taxis available near the airport. Tourists can board a train up to New Delhi and the further distance can be completed by a taxi, bus or metro.

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