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The Indian Habitat Centre, located in New Delhi, is a multipurpose building with dedicated areas for social, commercial and mixing works. Comprising of an area of over 9 acres, the building was developed with the mission of bringing holistic approach to solve problems in areas of different regional and environmental planning. It also aims to improvise on information technology, socio-cultural linkages, lifestyle choices, transport and communication, selection of the accurate technology options and energy efficiency.


The Indian Habitat Centre is a modern building that came into existence in the year 1993 as the Housing and Urban Development Corporation Limited's public agency looked out for an office space for the workers. The agency then decided to work in coordination with some of the selected non-profit organizations, which were concerned about the habitat and also needed an establishment to execute their works properly.

After becoming one of the most important landmarks of the capital city soon after its formation, the Indian Habitat Centre jointly hosted the first Habitat Summit in the year 2009 along with the Urban Habitats Forum. This Summit highlighted some of the key issues of modern society and discussed different positive moves that can be made in the urban renewal projects. Apart from this, the Indian Habitat Centre also became the host and organizer of Delhi Photo Festival, which is held every alternative year ever since 2011.


The Indian Habitat Centre is located on Lodhi Road in New Delhi. Situated at the heart of the city, it is a short walk of around seven to ten minutes from the Connaught Place and the India Gate. One can easily avail public transport to reach the place or can come by their personal vehicles.


Covering nine acres land area in the heart of New Delhi, the Indian Habitat Centre has been constructed using some of the traditional techniques as well as materials. Yet, Joseph Allen Stein and HUDCO chairman jointly decided to give the building the look of an urban design project instead of a traditional office building. The building is divided into different sections like common meeting rooms, library, restaurants, hotels, museums, parking areas as well as multiple courtyards. Some of the areas are accessible for common public or visitors while other areas are strictly meant for the officials.

The symbol of the Indian Habitat Centre with a triangle pointing downward and a male figure representing the Bhimbetka style rock painting is sure to attract the attention of every visitor. The man in the symbol represents Lord Shiva's anthropomorphic personification, in which he is the Creator, the Divine Archer and the Demiurge, while the triangle pointing downward represents Shakti.

Events and Exhibitions

The Indian Habitat Centre and the Urban Habitat Forum has jointly hosted the Habitat Summit in the year 2009. Apart from this, the centre organizes the Delhi Photo Festival on every alternative year from 2011. The Visual Arts Gallery has organized different exhibitions from May 1 to May 25. Exhibitions are also scheduled in the Open Palm Court Gallery from May 21 to June 1, 2015.

How to Reach

People coming to the Indian Habitat Centre can avail buses coming to Lodhi Road or Connaught Place. The place is also located at a close proximity from the Jor Bagh Metro Station. One can also avail car rental services.

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