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What To Eat N Drink

What to Eat in Delhi

We often see that the people of Delhi are seen complaining about numerous things but one thing which keeps them satisfied is food which is demanding gourmet. Delhi not just provides you with some mouth-watering dishes but it also provides some best dishes on subcontinent which are served in world best restaurants. Even if they are expensive, the taste speaks the exact value paid for the food. When you order food, always remember that the Delhi is nearly 1000km away from ocean henceforth mutton, chicken and vegetarian dishes are to go.

Delhi serves the best street food ever. But do not get indulged in open food which is unhygienic. There are numerous restaurants that offer street food in an ambience which is healthy and hygienic.

Be part of the local food group that goes out daily to sample and relish the new and old food delicacies which Delhi has to offer. One such prominent group is Food Enthusiasts of Delhi which very often organizes daily food walks which is also called raids to different joints and parts of the city. This group is noncommercial formed due to their love and passion for food. Delhi Food Adventure is a professionally run group which organizes food walks for the tourists. If you have been walking around and look for tempting food then look out for some Delhi centric food or visit the blogs which feature Dilli Dawat.

The city Delhi loves the food it serves which is mix of American, Continental, Chinese, South Indian and North Indian cuisine. All these food items are available in different and almost all parts of the city in form of international chains like TGIF, Wimpy, Pizza Express, Pizza Hut, Dominoz and many other established chain of food outlets in Delhi.

Some of the places worth visiting are:

  • Berco's and Fa Yian, for Chinese food
  • Karim's and Nizam's, for Mughlai food
  • Nirula's for a mix of Indian and western fast food
  • Sagar, in Defence Colony for Udipi food
  • English Dairy, a popular dhaba in Connaught Place for inexpensive vegetarian food

However, if you are a food lover and want to spend an evening with your friends and lovers in a rich ambience then these are the places to look for:

  • Delhi ka Aangan (Hyatt Regency)
  • Darbar (Ashoka Hotel)
  • Corbetts (Claridges)
  • Bukhara (Maurya Sheraton)
  • Frontier (Ashoka Hotel)
  • Baluchi (The Hilton)
  • EI Arab (Regal Building)
  • Dum Pukht or the process of slow cooking developed in Awadh (Maurya Sheraton)
  • Kashmiri food at Chor Bizarre (Hotel Broadway)
  • Thai food at Baan Tahi (The Oberoi)
  • Sukothai ( Hauz Khas village)
  • Japanese food at Tokyo (Ashoka Hotel)
  • Osaka (Haus Khas village)

If you have been looking for best and economical alternative then visit Degchi (Regal Building), Angeethi (Asiad Village) and Gulati Restuarent (Pandara Market). To augment more there are some dhabas which are located road side, that are praised by most of the people that visit these dhabas. People from all sections of life and society visit here. Most of these roadside hotels near Nizamuddin and Jama Masjid serve biryani, roti and kabab.

Chaat – Delhi Specialty

If you are craving for chaat which is best snack street food of India, then Delhi is meant to visit. Just like Greek Mezzee and Spanish Tapas Indian chaat covers different things however the style of Delhi tends to sooth down the throat since the deep fried pastry shell is completely stuffed with boiled potatoes, chutney and lentils. These are then even covered with chaat masala and yogurt which is spicy and fresh.

Some particular chaat items like gol guppa – small shells stuffed with spicy water, chutney and boiled potatoes, paneer tikka (cottage cheese cubes are baked in tandoor with herbs and spices) and paapdi chaat (blend of small shells fried crisp stuffed with sauces and yogurt).

What to Drink in Delhi

In the last few years, the nightlife of Delhi has seen a tremendous transformation. Now there are many cosmopolitan and modern joints which serve best mock tails and cocktails. In anxious attempt to keep the ratio of men and women equal, the clubs and lounges have now established couple policies. They have enforced much strictness. Though everything is supposed to close by 1 am yet things go much longer.

Coffee / Tea

In Delhi the coffee culture has improved a lot. Two most popular chains – Café Coffee Day and Barista can be found in different areas of Delhi mainly around Connaught Place. Costa Coffee which is partly UK based can also be seen to have established its presence in Delhi. Star bucks – US based coffee house has also stepped in the Indian market, spreading its roots everywhere in the city, Delhi. There are some other outlets of Starbucks which you can find in central and Couth Delhi however more and more other brands are now creeping in. The independent coffee shops can’t be located easily however they do exist and make good money every day.

A popular coffee shop located in Daryaganj on Netaji Subhash Marg adjacent to post office, in close proximity to Red Fort sells tempting tea/coffee. This tea shop is AAP KI PASAND TEA SHOP. If you wish visiting a great place that samples Assam, Darjeeling and India tea then Delhi is the best. Buy some back your home to relish the perfect tea aroma. Situates in conventional colonial era construction, the tea of this house is also relished by Bill Clinton, and other state officials of India.


Hookah, Indian bar food and impeccable lounge experience can be felt in India only. You can see these places being thronged with numerous youth and tourists that are hip and trendy.

Hookah, located in Basant Lok is a three level bar cum restaurant that offers astonishing and notable food items that reflect the Middle Eastern cuisines flavor. They even provide exclusive range of flavored water pipes and drinks. Since they don’t have outdoor sitting, they do not serve any hot drink. Toast by West Gate Mall, Rajori Garden, Lazeez Affaire. Impeccable collection of best quality flavored tobacco, Indian and Europen cuisines, Greek and French food, sheesha and drink are best served here.

Mocha, Defence Colony

This is standard and quality chain of café of Middle East that provides food and drinks at economical prices.


  • Xes Cafe, Saket, DLF South Court Mall
  • Aqua, Poolside bar at the Park Hotel
  • Toast, Bar & Grill by Lazeez Affaire, Rajouri Garden, West Gate Mall (Level III)
  • Aura, (at the Claridges)
  • Decibel, Chanakyapuri
  • Indochina’s Forbidden City, South Delhi
  • T.L.R., 31 Hauz Khas Village
  • Orange, (Ashoka Hotel). Nightclub
  • Elevate, Noida
  • F Bar & Lounge (by Fashion TV), Chanakyapuri

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