Amusement Parks

One of the most popular metropolitan cities of India, Delhi has the conveniences to attract the attention of the locals as well as tourists. Catering to the demand for excitement and entertainment, Delhi consists of amusement parks. Entertainment options are in abundance at the capital city.

Designed by famous architects, the amusement parks of Delhi consists of a wide range of facilities and entertainment such as swimming, fine dinning facilities as well as power packed rides. To indulge in sheer enjoyment and entertainment, check out the amusement parks of New Delhi.

Some of the amusement parks in Delhi are listed below:

Fun N Food Village

The amusement park, known as ‘Fun N Food Village’ caters to the taste of all genres and age group of people. People of all age and gender can have fun at the amusement park. Entrenched in the flavor of local culture, this amusement park offers bumping joy rides. The management at the park even as they encourage art also promotes one of the chief attraction at the park, the Snow park, containing innumerable slides, water games and rides. The park is open daily.

Timing: The park is open every day from 10am-10pm for the summers and from 10am-8pm in the winter.
Special recommendations: Snow Park, Flying Carpet

Adventure Island

Another Amusement Park at Delhi, the Adventure Island located at the site of a mall offers fine dinning, entertainment and shopping experiences, even as it gives a big adrenalin rush to the guests. Though recommended for kids, it is open to adults as well.

Timing: 1pm-10pm (every day)
Special recommendations: Planet POGO, Demolition derby, freefall ride

Wet n Wild

Known as a popular water park, Wet n Wild offers watery rides to the guests. Lying within the site of a resort, this park also encompass added facilities such as restraints, disco or spa. Take up a two day trip to the resort to experience the facilities there to the fullest.

Timing: Open from 10am to 7pm in summer and from 10am to 5pm in winter
Special recommendations at the water park: Bowling, disco, spa

Aapno Ghar

A known recreational avenue, Aapno Ghar, located in Gurgaon offers a place for the crowd to loosen up and break away from the schedule. Wide range of enchanting rides offered at the premises include the western train, caterpillar, flying bob, baby train, break dance, turn about, pagal kishti or other coin operated rides as well as merry go round, mono cycles, flying dish, super toruper, jet plane and so on. It offers unforgottable experience.

Children's Park

Situated by the India Gate, the prime example for an amusement park, Children’s Park  covers a varied number of  swings, catering to the needs of the kids.The huge well maintained park is a major attraction for the visitors. When lighted at nights, the Children’s park is a sight to behold. Even if not found in good condition, the aquarium found at the park also brings in visitors.

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